“I’ll show you what I can do” – Steph Curry THREATENED Dillon Brooks before destroying him

Steph fooled his defender Dillon Brooks and made a contested three-point shot, putting fans in a state of awe witnessed humiliating Brooks.

“I’ll show you what I can do” – Steph Curry THREATENED Dillon Brooks before destroying him

Stephen Curry and Dillon Brooks (via Sports Illustrated).

In light of the recent ongoing NBA regular season, Steph Curry showed Houston Rockets’s Dillon Brooks what he was capable of. The Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets on Sunday night. It was late in the fourth quarter when the two-time MVP fooled his defender, Dillon Brooks. Curry made a contested three-point shot, putting fans in awe to watch and see Steph humiliate Brooks on the court.

Before Curry’s impressive play against Dillon Brooks, the Warriors were at 88-87 with five more minutes left for the quarter to end. Two minutes in, Curry stunned his fanbase and experts as he put four three-point shots behind the arc. The score went up to 100-89, making it an easy go for the Warriors.

Steph Curry was already on fire, shooting four threes, and made a deadly move against Brooks with a crossover. This made Brooks go in the other direction. When Brooks attempted to recover from the crossover, Steph made a fool out of him by holding onto his shot, which made Dillon fly past him. Curry made the shot, and all of the fans in the stadium cheered in awe of what they had witnessed.

Curry, before his highlight play in the match against the Rockets, was heard to be involved in a trash talk with Houston’s Dillon Brooks. This is what Curry said:

I’ll show you what I can do… I still remember what you said.
Steph Curry during the game.

Following the trash talk, Steph wiped the floor with Brooks and made him understand what he was capable of.

Stephen Curry comments about Dillon Brooks post-game

The NBA regular season is going in full swing, with the Golden State Warriors going for their second win in three games against the Houston Rockets. The recent match resulted in the Warriors winning with a score of 106-95 because of Curry’s impressive performance. Steph dropped 24 points, including seven rebounds, six assists, and six three-pointers.

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Steph Curry participated in his post-game interview, where the reporters couldn’t help but ask Curry about his stunning play against Dillon Brooks. He said:

We know what he's about and his reputation. I don't get caught up in that. I just play basketball. You obviously let the game do the talking," said Curry about Brooks.
Steph Curry during the post-game media scrum.

On the other hand, the Houston Rockets suffered their third straight loss since the start of the regular NBA season. Steph made his game do the talking in his match against the Rockets. Dillon Brooks contributed 12 points, including four rebounds and two assists.

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