“I’m not trying to scare you !” Stephen A Smith and JJ Reddick get into heated exchange after having contradictory views ahead of Game 1 of the EC Finals

Stephen A Smith and JJ Redick have a go at each other, as things get heated while discussing Jimmy Butler's shooting skill.

Stephen A Smith and JJ Redick have a go at each other
Stephen A Smith and JJ Redick have a go at each other

Stephen A. Smith is a magnet for controversy so is JJ Reddick and since like poles repel, so do these two. The popular analysts hit a bump while discussing Jimmy Butler ahead of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on May 18th. Jimmy Butler dropped 32 points and waved ”bye bye” to the Philly crowd as he sent Miami into the Eastern Conference finals with a 99-90 victory over Philadelphia on Thursday night in Game 6. Miami Heat are scorching teams left and right with Jimmy Butler at their helm, while Smith and Redick don’t see eye-to-eye.

Butler led the Heat with 32 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists shooting 13-29 from the field on his last outing against the Philadelphia 76ers. Max Struss also had a brilliant night finishing with a double-double of 20 points and 11 rebounds. Meanwhile the Heat’s opoonents, Boston Celtics sprung the biggest upset of the season as they shell-shocked the Milwaukee Bucks in an epic Game-7 showdown. Jayson Tatum and Co. have knocked out Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo in the same playoffs.

The Boston Celtics will have their 24-year-old sensation Jayson Tatum take on the Miami Heat veteran, Jimmy Butler in what will be an enthralling battle of the forwards. The teams have been two of the best in the conference over the past few years and should provide us with an explosive matchup.

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“You ain’t scaring no damn body JJ Reddick” – Stephen A Smith

Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith

Stephen A. Smith is well known for his controversial views and predictions and also for vehemently debating with any other panelist who doesn’t acknowledge his point of view. The victim and also the predator today was former Orlando Magic Shooting-Guard, JJ Redick. The two hotheads got into a heated debate about Jimmy Butler’s perimeter shooting. While the fans on twitter were having a good laugh, the debate continued. JJ started by replying to Smith’s comments on Butler calling him a ‘perimeter shooter’ saying :

“You just said that Jimmy Butler was a perimeter shooter. I love Jimmy Butler to death, I really do, he is one of my favorite players in the league and one of my favorite teammates. But that is the first I’ve ever heard someone describe Jimmy Butler as a perimeter shooter.”

Yes, Stephen A Smith had a response ready, he wasn’t backing down !

“I think he can shoot perimeter shots! Hold on wait a minute, all his points don’t come from finishing at the basket. We have seen him hit plenty of perimeter shots, he can do that. You trying to tell me Giannis is the same quality shooter as Jimmy Butler? You saying Jimmy Butler is that bad?

From then on it was the situation boiled over, as each spat vicious replies at each other with glaring eyes.

” I Have to look up Jimmy’s numbers but Giannis shot 42% from mid-range , well above league average” – JJ said.

” Oh My God, First of All Jimmy Butler missed a part of the season , we have to take that into cconsideration.” Smith replied.

” What do shooting percantages have to do with that !?” JJ retorted.

” First of all, JJ frowns like he’s tryna scare somebody , well you ain’t scaring nobody” Smith said

” I’m not trying to scare you Stephen, I’m just pointing out how erroneous you are sometimes” JJ chuckled with Patrick Beverley on the show.

JJ Redick and Stephen A. Smith
JJ Redick and Stephen A. Smith

As NBA players age and their bodies and athletic capabilities change, the best players adapt their approaches to remain the best. Versatility is a skill, and Butler takes the concept of being able to do multiple things on the court to a new level. His burst both with the ball and into the air has lessened with age. Butler can shoot 3s, although not with great efficiency. He only made 24.4 % of his attempts from beyond the perimeter in the 2019–20 season. In 2020–21, he only made 24.5 %.

So both JJ Redick and Stephen A. Smith maybe correct, but who would want to ruin this epic battle on ESPN. The fans already love the combination of Stephen A Smith, Patrick Beverley and JJ Redick on ESPN and crave for more hilarious encounters among these hotspur analysts.

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