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“Do what the hell you wanna do in AMERICA” Stephen A. Smith finds nothing wrong with Charles Barkley taking LIV Golf’s blood money

Read and know more about the supporting take of Stephen A. Smith on Charles Barkley almost joining hands with the controversial Saudi-Backed LIV Golf League.

Stephen A. Smith and Charles Barkley

Stephen A. Smith has made his return to ESPN’s “First Take” after six long weeks of vacation and recovering from a shoulder injury. But now he’s back in the game and has nothing but straight business to do. In the recent segment, he discussed the green field of Golf and talked about the PGA Tour and LIV Golf League. Stephen A. Smith also had a take on Charles Barkley as he almost joined hands with the controversial Saudi-Backed LIV Golf League. But unexpectedly he was riding with Charles Barkley and also defended him for his interest in getting a big and better deal with the Golf League.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley though has shut downed the idea of joining LIV Golf as he is committed to TNT and basketball for the rest of his T.V career. He is also under contract with TNT’s ‘Inside the NBA’ for three more years and $30 million. Honestly, Charles Barkley joining the LIV Golf League was a done deal as he also met Greg Norman and gave out his conditions and was expected to receive an offer around $75 million. But the controversial Saudi-Backed league messed it all up, as there was no deal on the table for Chuck even on the deadline set by the NBA Hall of Famer. Many around were happy with him sticking with the basketball world after they threw a lot of shade and criticism on him just for the idea to join in. But Stephen A. Smith was riding with him on both the sides. And, the recent take of Smith has also defended Chuck for trying to get the bag from the controversial league.

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Stephen A. Smith on Charles Barkley almost joining hands with the controversial Saudi-Backed LIV Golf League

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith has no problems with Charles Barkley joining the LIV Golf League. As defending his mate for trying to get a deal during all the controversies going on he quoted: “My private conversations with Charles Barkley will remain as such. What he has said is his decision and it’s his decision. Let me tell you what I told him, ‘Man, please, you do the hell what you want to do.’ This is America. If they ain’t violating no laws in this country and they’re free to do business and that’s what you wanna do, you go ahead and do it! How the hell can our government do business with people and big-time corporations can do business with another government, but we’re gonna hold individuals accountable?”

After taking a shot at the government, Stephen A. Smith went on to discuss the controversies and talking about the impact, he focused upon the point of effects and the end result being the same for everyone. From Government to other bodies and not just individuals like Charles Barkley. As he quoted: “And, I understand I’m sensitive to people talking about 9/11, please don’t think for one second, I’m being insensitive to that in any way and my heart goes out to those family members. What I’m saying is, the intensity that you exercise toward golfers who want to compete under the LIV umbrella, do the same thing to the government and the corporations. If you ain’t doing it for them don’t do it for individuals…”

Charles Barkley, Greg Norman of LIV Golf

Stephen A. Smith isn’t all wrong with his take and it even makes sense as the rules here right now aren’t the same for everyone. And it’s just bringing in criticism and hate for superstar personalities like Sir Charles. But even the controversial Saudi-Backed LIV Golf League has some serious controversies registered under its name which include murders, attacks and blood money generated by doing all of those. So fans trying to boycott or put a stop to its expansion is very understandable but again it’s not guys like Chuck who should be blamed and criticized as they aren’t the ones at fault.

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