“Anthony Davis is directly responsible for two losses,” Stephen A. Smith not willing to give up on LeBron James, Lakers this season

“Anthony Davis is directly responsible for two losses,” Stephen A. Smith not willing to give up on LeBron James, Lakers this season

Stephen A Smith , LeBron James and Anthony Davis

The LeBron James-led Los Angeles Lakers continue to have a bad season. At the start of the season everyone had hoped that with a new coach, this team would be able to turn their fortunes around this season but as things stand, they seem to be far from it. Looking at the western conference standings, it’s clear that the Lakers are a mere shadow of their former selves and are nowhere close to being the successful championship-winning franchise they once were.

While fans may halve lost hope in the franchise, famous ESPN commentator and NBA analyst Stephen A Smith still remains optimistic about the lakers’ future and believes they aren’t done just yet, speaking on the matter Smith said, “LeBron James is just phenomenal in terms of how he’s playing at this stage and point in his career. I can’t say enough good things about him.


He then commented on Russell Westbrook by saying, “Russell Westbrook… what this dude is doing coming off the bench, I give him a lot of credit for. I didn’t think he could do it. I had questions as to whether or not his attitude would be right. He’s been a spark plug; he’s been in attack mode, and I give him a lot of credit.

He also criticized Anthony Davis for not being able to secure two victories for the Lakers this year, he concluded, “Anthony Davis is directly responsible for two losses: Philadelphia and last night (against Boston). In both losses, he was in a position to ice the game at the free-throw line and he misses. But what I have to say about the Lakers is this… they are better defensively, they are clearly more athletic, and if the trio continues to play the way that they are playing, everybody ain’t Boston and Philadelphia and I think that they’ll win more games than they’ll lose and they’ll be in the playoffs. I just think they desperately need another shooter.

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LeBron James and the Lakers blew a 13-point lead against the Celtics

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LeBron James

The Lakers were trailing 81-61 in the third quarter against the Boston Celtics but over the next 15 minutes, they quite possibly played the best basketball all season by producing a 45-12 run and establishing a healthy 13-point lead over their arch-rivals. Over the course of the next 3:44, the Celtics made that 13-point lead disappear. They then finished the game with a 17-4 run to send this unexpected classic into overtime, where they earned their league-leading 22nd victory of the year and dealt the Lakers perhaps their most heartbreaking defeat of the year.

The Lakers gave up in the closing minutes of the game as Anthony Davis and LeBron James’ tiredness set in., perhaps justifying how they have not been able to catch up to the pace of the game. Darvin Ham, the Lakers’ head coach, addressed the team’s weaknesses at this important point following what might be viewed as a painful loss for the Lakers.

He spoke about how it really was heartbreaking for the lakers to lose out on a game like that and that it was a hard-fought game, the players were fatigued. The lakers will now face Denver Nuggets on Friday


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