“Discussed in Hierarchy of Organization,” Stephen A Smith reveals worrying future of Draymond Green after ‘classy’ Steve Kerr’s comments on suspension

Unraveling the implications of Draymond Green's suspension in the Golden State Warriors' camp.

“Discussed in Hierarchy of Organization,” Stephen A Smith reveals worrying future of Draymond Green after ‘classy’ Steve Kerr’s comments on suspension

Draymond Green, Stephen A Smith and Steve Kerr (Sports Illustrated, First Take, Associated Press)

The recent suspension of Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors has sparked widespread discussion in the NBA community. The suspension came after Green’s on-court altercation with the Minnesota Timberwolves center, Rudy Gobert. It was not only a significant decision for the team but also a moment of candid reflection from Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr.

Steve Kerr’s response to Draymond Green’s suspension was straightforward. Kerr, known for his composed demeanor and thoughtful approach, labeled Green’s actions as “inexcusable,” highlighting the seriousness of the incident. This marked a rare moment where Kerr publicly criticized one of his players, underscoring the gravity of the situation.


Reflecting on Kerr’s comments, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith offered a poignant observation:

If Steve Kerr talks about you that way, it is something that has been discussed in the hierarchy of the organization, and it has been deemed and determined that you are a problem.
Stephen A. Smith via First Take.

Smith’s statement sheds light on the internal discussions likely happening within the Warriors’ organization. It suggests that Green’s behavior might be a topic of concern at higher levels, possibly affecting his future with the team.

Green’s history of on-court intensity and occasional flare-ups is well-documented. However, this latest incident seems to have crossed a line for Kerr and, potentially, the Warriors’ management. The suspension and Kerr’s comments could be indicative of a turning point in how the organization handles such matters.


Draymond Green’s future with the Golden State Warriors

As the Warriors navigate this challenging situation, the focus now turns to Green’s future with the team. His contributions to the Warriors’ success over the years are undeniable, but his recent actions have spotlighted the balance between competitive fire and maintaining professional conduct.

Draymond Green seems to be just a shell of his former self
Draymond Green (via Yahoo Sports)

The Warriors, currently adjusting to the absence of Stephen Curry due to injury, now face additional pressure. Green’s suspension not only impacts their on-court strategies but also tests the team’s resilience and adaptability in handling internal conflicts.

As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Green and how he responds to this setback. His actions upon return could be critical in determining his long-term place in the Warriors’ lineup and his relationship with the team’s management and coaching staff.


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