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“As great Luka is, he has held himself back” Stephen A. Smith suggest Luka Doncic won’t reach LeBron James’ standards if he doesn’t works on his shape

Read and know more about Stephen A. Smith's take on Luka Doncic holding himself back from stepping in the LeBron James conversation as he is out of shape most of the times which ultimately stops him from playing with his total potential.

Luka Doncic and Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is the most straightforward and brutally honest analyst the television has seen and he has proved it many times as he isn’t afraid of anyone when he says what he wants to. He has always welcomed controversies throughout his career. Recently, Stephen A. Smith made it to the headlines as he took a shot at the Dallas Mavericks all-star point guard Luka Doncic. The Dallas Mavericks had an incredible run this season they even made it to the western conference finals but unfortunately the winning stretch didn’t continue and the Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors pulled down the curtains on them. To be honest, the overall performance of the Dallas Mavericks was good but they could have been better as Luka Doncic was seen helpless at many moments and he himself didn’t live up to the expectations during the start of the regular season. But was back in the playoffs and playing the best basketball of the season but the criticism will live on.


Luka Doncic surely has been successful very early in his career as just in his first season itself he drew comparison from LeBron James and that take still lives and makes headlines every now and then when someone discusses it. Jay Williams and Stephen A. Smith exactly did that as Jay Williams believes that LeBron James and the Slovenian star aren’t in the same conversation. But Stephen A. Smith disagreed with him not totally but yeah he did. As his perspective for the comparison was different and he believes Luka Doncic can be much better if he maintained a good shape something he never did in the past three years.

Luka Doncic

Many around the league know that Luka Doncic isn’t in his best shape but is still playing unbelievable basketball. As he showcases his godlike offensive skillset whenever necessary and doesn’t disappoints the fans around. But not being in shape is being out of potential and holding himself back and that’s what Stephen A. Smith meant while debating Jay Williams on First Take.

Luka Doncic of Dallas Mavericks

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Stephen A. Smith on Luka Doncic holding himself back from stepping in the LeBron James conversation

Stephen A. Smith

Jay Williams started the argument and even mentioned Luka Doncic being out of shape he also said that Luka isn’t in the LeBron James’ standard as of now but he can be there. While Stephen A. Smith debating it quoted: “There’s a similarity in style…when you look at Luka he is ball dominant and exploiting mismatches, and he is dictating the pace and he does it so skillfully in most instances, you look at him and you say who is the one person who does that even better and that’s LeBron James. That’s the only reason for the comparison…As great as Luka is, he’s held himself and the Dallas Mavericks back from being all he can be and all they can be. Because as great as he is, he leaves something on the floor, because he’s never fully in shape.”

Jay Williams though still sticked to his narrative of Luka Doncic just having the traits to be in the conversation but agreed to him being out of shape. Stephen A. Smith though said nothing wrong as it makes complete sense. A in shape Luka Doncic can surely turn his 40 point bombs into 50 point bombs and a triple-double because he really is that guy who has the potential to be the face of the league and dominate it for years just like LeBron James and his numbers are saying the same even though he was not in his best shape.

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