“I can’t do this” Stephen Curry broke Sonya’s heart after feeling the pressure of Dell’s status

Sonya Curry remembers Stephen Curry being disappointed over not impressing scouts at a tournament which broke her heart.

A young Stephen Curry and Sonya Curry
A young Stephen Curry and Sonya Curry

Stephen Curry has dominated the sports world as a result of his fame as a global superstar. His mother, Sonya Curry, is a woman who has always been bold and wise; she tells about the time when Steph was a little boy that left his mother heartbroken after trying to follow his father’s footsteps.

Over time, the NBA and sports fans have developed a positive impression of the Currys as a close-knit family. They never disbanded, and you could see them supporting Stephen Curry when the Warriors played. Players of all sizes consistently make long 3-point shots on nearly every basketball court in the globe, from NBA arenas to elementary school gyms. Because of his three points, Steph is a global sensation who enjoys unmatched popularity. Dell Curry was one of the finest shooters of his generation, and he could see early on that his boys would have a hard time following in his footsteps.

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Stephen Curry, despite being somewhat short, is regarded as the greatest shooter in NBA history. Additionally, he is exceedingly speedy and productive. He changed the way the game was played because of his knack for making 3-pointers from a distance of at least 30 feet. After winning consecutive Most Valuable Player Awards in 2015 and 2016, Curry joined an exclusive group of just 12 players in league history who won back to back MVPs. Curry led Golden State to four NBA championships between 2015 to 2022, winning the MVP award for the Finals in 2022. After earning his second scoring championship in 2021, he became the oldest scoring champion since 1997–1998.

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals in 2022, and Stephen Curry became the player to take home his first MVP award. By averaging 31.2 points per game in this legendary series, he captured his fourth title in the past eight years. He has consistently shown incredible dedication over the course of more than a decade, taking on whatever duty was required to accomplish enormous team and individual triumphs, and he is still going strong. Curry’s entrance into the Basketball Hall of Fame was arguably already a done deal before the NBA Finals, and the victory just served to solidify that decision. He was also chosen for the iconic NBA team’s 75th anniversary in 2022.

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Sonya Curry talks about the time she was heartbroken over a young Steph

There were several Division 1 coaches from the top institutions in the nation in attendance when Stephen Curry was scheduled to play at a tournament that took place in Las Vegas. Due to the pressure he was under, Curry played poorly. Disappointed that he had missed his chance, he returned back home and asked Sonya that if he messed up the chance. She remembers and said: “My heart just broke. It was a learning lesson for me as a parent, to just back up and let it be.” Curry still remembers what happened to this day as she told him to keep his head up and keep working and he might not see it now.

In addition to Steph, Sonya and Dell Curry, the former NBA player whom she divorced last year after 33 years of marriage, have a son named Seth, who also plays in the NBA and a daughter named Sydel Curry-Lee. Stephen Curry had a very busy summer since Davidson College, where his number was also retired, bestowed a degree upon him in addition to inducting him into the school’s Hall of Fame. Curry is now anticipating the upcoming season, where he might defend his championship with a fresh lineup of players.

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