Stephen Curry SNEAKILY DISSES Jordan Poole, claims new Warriors roster makes a lot more sense

Stephen Curry talks about the prospects of the Warriors this year and believes that the team is much better this year without Jordan Poole.

Stephen Curry SNEAKILY DISSES Jordan Poole, claims new Warriors roster makes a lot more sense

Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole (images via Getty images)

Stephen Curry, in a recent conversation with the NBCS, opened up about his feelings for the teams. He talks about the dynamics of multiple teams while simultaneously taking a sneaky jab at Jordan Poole. He says, “Our team makes a lot more sense now.”

Jordan Poole, who was traded to the Wizards earlier, was always under the radar of both the media and the Warriors team. He was visibly not on good terms with Stephen, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson after his altercations with Green. To aggravate the situation, both Curry and Poole, although not visibly but sneakily, have been taking jibes at each other for a long time.

In this conversation too, Stephen Curry talks about how the Warriors’ dynamics will play better this year as they have “tried to make pieces fit a little bit better” and have got the much-needed “versatility on both sides of the court.” Additionally, he talks about the roles of both Veterans and Rookies in their star-studded lineup.

He shed light on how each puzzle piece will fit perfectly this time. Their team, according to him, sure does make more sense, as it seems more complete, rounded up, and without leaks. However, as the Warriors play in the Summer League, they have lost 4 out of 4 games, and Curries words do not seem to resonate with their results on court.

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What else did Stephen Curry has to say?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry giving the interview (image via Twitter)

Curry did not shy away from giving opinions about other “top echelon” or “surprise” teams. They are going to fare well this season after some disappointing runs by notable names in the previous season. Curry is optimistic about the league’s high competition. He feels that there will always be names that surprise everyone, even after months and months of analysis before the season.

“There’s a lot of good teams and we wanna be one of them,” Curry said about his team. With this optimism in play, the Warriors will look to build upon it and capitalize. This optimism, however, according to fans, is nothing compared to what Curry had before the last season. He was a lot more confident and dramatic with his words earlier.

In Steph’s words, “the core” looks strong as the signing of Chris Paul has been made official. Building on the strong duo of Draymond Green and himself, along with some fresh rookie talents, Curry is eyeing the trophy. Rookies, Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody and Veterans alike have the opportunity to build on Curry’s optimism and hopefully turn around last year’s humiliating semi-final exit.

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