WATCH: Stephen Curry dribbles ball with right hand while shooting free throws with left SIMULTANEOUSLY in ridiculous training clip

Curry recently released his documentary "Underrated" throwing light on his humble beginnings.

WATCH: Stephen Curry dribbles ball with right hand while shooting free throws with left SIMULTANEOUSLY in ridiculous training clip

Steph Curry (Image via user generated content)

Despite standing at just 6’3″, Stephen Curry is widely known as the hardest player to guard in the league. His unparalleled shooting skills, remarkable finishing around the rim, and constant off-the-ball movement leave defenders feeling helpless during games.

A mind-blowing workout video of the Golden State Warriors‘ superstar has gone viral on Twitter, showcasing his extraordinary dribbling with his right hand while simultaneously nailing free throws with his left hand. The video becomes one of the numerous stories of other players struggling to keep up with Steph during workouts, highlight the intensity of his training and shed light on why they fail to match the prowess of the greatest shooter of all time.

Curry’s exceptional skills did not come naturally; his latest documentary, “Underrated,” revealed his humble beginnings as a three-star recruit in high school, with only one D1 college offer from Davidson. The documentary revealed how tirelessly he practiced every day to improve his abilities and become the outstanding player he is today.

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Stephen Curry’s trainer reveals that an NBA player threw up after working out with Curry for only 5 minutes

Stephen Curry’ trainer tells a story about how a player gassed out after 5 mins of working out with steph
Stephen Curry (via ESPN)

Curry stands among the NBA’s most elite players, relying on his remarkable athleticism and shooting prowess to outsmart teams and secure points, even though he may not possess the best dunk package. These skills are a result of the immense work he puts in everyday, showcasing his dedication to improvement.

Not everyone can keep up with Steph’s rigorous workouts, as his trainer Brandon Payne shared on the “Basketball Illuminati” podcast. Payne recounted how an NBA player, who was no slouch, became fatigued and had to take a break after just five minutes of training with Curry. The player even went outside and threw up, clearly overwhelmed by the intensity.

“We’ve had a player who’s still in the NBA go through the first five minutes, sat down on the floor besides the door for about 30 seconds, stood up, went outside and threw up and was done,” Payne said. “It was good player, too! It was not a bad player.”

Curry’s incredible success, which includes two MVPs and four championships, stems from his unwavering work ethic and constant drive to improve. For nearly a decade, he has remained among the top 10 players in the league, a testament to the continuous dedication he demonstrates both on and off the court.

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