“We got traded to the Kings overnight” Stephen Curry hilarious joke on Sacramento Kings hiring Warriors’ Mike Brown

Steph Curry and the Warriors snatch victory in Game 4, despite a lacklustre shooting night against Morant-less-Grizzlies.

Stephen Curry post game press conference
Stephen Curry post game press conference

Stephen Curry and the Warriors went from Banging 3’s in Game 3 to laying bricks in Game 4. Golden State Warriors edged past the Memphis Grizzlies by the barest of margins winning Game 4, 101-98 at the Chase Centre, taking a comfortable 3-1 lead of the series. A Player is the best judge of their performance on the court and Curry realized how sloppy the Warriors had been, even joked about it post game at the expense of the Sacramento Kings.

The Warriors had their crosshairs all wrong, shooting poorly from all over the court. They didn’t lead the game until the final 45 seconds of the 4th quarter. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole forgot their shooting boots at home all night and couldn’t get consistent rhythm going with their offense. The Warriors didn’t take their first lead of the game until two free throws from Curry with 45.7 seconds left in the game, making it 94-93 in favor of the home team.

Memphis was at half strength, playing without Ja Morant who is out due to a knee injury. The Grizzlies are not going to forget letting this one slip any time soon as they had every chance to win this game and go back home in a 2-all tie with the fans rallying behind them. Now the series feels a little out of reach at 3-1.

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“It felt like I got traded to the Kings overnight” – Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and JA Morant
Stephen Curry and JA Morant

The Warriors were without their Field Marshall which explains their chaotic play at the beginning of the game. Steve Kerr tested positive for COVID-19 , 2 hours prior to tipoff which meant Mike Brown, on the same day he was named the Sacramento Kings’ next head coach, would serve as Golden State’s acting head coach, in place of Kerr. Mike has now a 12-0 perfect record as manager for the Warriors in the playoffs.

Chef Curry has been cooking 3’s since his return from foot injury which saw him missing the final 12 games of the regular season. It was record breaking game for him as he became the only NBA Player to drop 500 three pointer in the NBA postseason. However Stephen Curry did not forgot his lackluster performance on the night, calling it ‘historically bad shooting’.

Speaking with Jared Greenberg on TNT, Curry talked about how poorly both teams played on the offensive end in Game 4, before taunting Brown’s appointment as the new Sacramento Kings head coach. In a span of 24 hours, Brown was appointed as the head coach for two teams, the first being the Kings and the second being the Warriors, who appointed him as the stand-in coach in the absence of Steve Kerr.

“A lot of history made, he’s named head coach twice in 24 hours. I felt like we got traded to the Kings overnight. I don’t know how to explain all this. We’re obviously happy for him and his next gig, but for him to step up at the last minute with coach Kerr out, that’s what we’re about.”

Brown has been the assistant coach for the Warriors since 2016, hence this kind of banter must be normal, considering the relationship they have had. The 52 year old has worked miracles with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Besides, if nothing else, Brown can be proud with Klay’ words about him, after the close win. “The Kings got a good future with Mike, a really good one,” 

The 34-year old has been a cheat code for the Warriors in this series, averaging 28.3 PPG and 6.5 APG in the series. Although there has been a significant drop in his 3-point shooting, at 31.1% from beyond the arc. Nevertheless he would be happy to see his team take these games across the line.

Chef Curry would not want to joke around anymore in Memphis, as the Warriors would be looking to bury this series for good. Game 5 could be a th ‘Last Hope’ for Memphis as they look to climb out of this deficit and give the Warriors a run for their money.

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