“I shot 99 percent from the line…” Superstar comedian Kevin Hart drops obscure stat from ‘Church League’ as Lakers destroy Pacers

Comedian Kevin Hart entertains with obscure stats during NBA watch party as Lakers dominate Pacers in the In-Season Tournament final showdown.

“I shot 99 percent from the line…” Superstar comedian Kevin Hart drops obscure stat from ‘Church League’ as Lakers destroy Pacers

(L) Lakers' LeBron James taking shot; (R) Kevin Hart (Image via Open Source/X)

As a loyal NBA fan, comedian-actor Kevin Hart provided a chance to have an NBA in-season tournament final viewing party. Having a sharp mind and humor on his side, it was no surprise that he became enormously successful.


By the 10:51 mark of the first quarter, D’Angelo Russell was in the opponent’s area and forced a foul on Bruce Brown, which compelled Russell to have two free throw shots. Kevin Hart started cracking jokes after the first try at a free throw went wrong.

I shot 99% from the line, when I played in the Church League. I can give you Deacon Johnson's number, I can give you Pastor Rob's number... my numbers were strong. 99% from the line.

Furthermore, his watch stream co-hosts asked about his numbers in the church league he played in.

 I think my final season before I retired I averaged six points, 32 assists, seven steals. When you are passing to the Lord, no one can hardly stop you.

Kevin Hart certainly brings color into this kind of watch party. He joined other players on The Ringer’s All-Time list including Nelly, Arne Duncan, Brian McKnight, Terrell Owens, and Jason Sudeikis.


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End of an entertaining era: Kevin Hart bows out of NBA celebrity All-Star game

Kevin Hart has won MVP for five years in a row, from 2012 to 2015, whenever participated in the NBA Celebrity Games. This accomplishment has been brought up each time Hart discusses the NBA and when he wants to defend his authority to discuss basketball-related topics.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart (Image credits – Esquire)

When he officially declared that he would no longer be participating in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game during a candid conversation with Jim Rome, Kevin Hart closed a chapter of his professional life associated with basketball. Hart appeared content with his part in the celeb hoops display as he had done all that he had wanted to achieve. He insisted that the children needed to remember him with pride, and in a joyous mood.

However, retiring when still “on top” is not all that there is to the decision. According to Hart, he was humbled about a life incident that made him retire specifically being surpassed by Mo’ne Davis.


The competitive drive that drove Davis’s involvement was highlighted by the comedian, who even demanded an investigation into his ability to play. Even though Hart might still appear on NBA-related television, his elimination from the Celebrity All-Star Game signifies the end of a fun era in which he was well-known for his clever on-court antics.

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