“Take those weak a** Adidas slides off” – Michael Jordan BULLIED Jalen Green for not wearing his brand

Jalen Green's hilarious encounter with Michael Jordan and thoughts on James Harden's return to Houston

“Take those weak a** Adidas slides off” – Michael Jordan BULLIED Jalen Green for not wearing his brand

Houston Rockets star Jalen Green recently shared a hilarious story from his childhood, telling a memorable encounter with the legendary Michael Jordan. During an appearance on Paul George’s podcast, the 21-year-old reflected on his experience attending an MJ basketball camp as a young boy, a moment that left an unfading mark on his memory.

As Green recalled, he described himself as a fashion-challenged kid with questionable style choices. “I’m walking to practice from the dorm, I got high socks on up to my knees, baggy shorts—my swag was terrible,” Green said. “I got Adidas slides on, and he just walked over to me and was like, ‘You need to take them weak ass Adidas slides off.”


The teenaged Jalen Green, obviously star-struck, was surprised by the unexpected encounter. “I’m a little ass kid, though,” Green recalled. “He’s talking about getting rid of those weak-ass slides. I’m minding my business, I’m happy walking by myself… I was hella excited.”

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Jalen Green and Paul George Discuss James Harden’s Possible Return to Houston

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James Harden (image via NBA)

In addition to sharing his hilarious MJ encounter, Jalen Green, alongside Paul George, discussed the potential return of James Harden to the Houston Rockets on the same podcast episode. As rumors circulate regarding a potential reunion, the two NBA stars weighed in on the implications for the team.


Paul George acknowledged Green’s position as the current face of the Houston Rockets and expressed concerns about the potential impact of bringing back Harden. “You have to go through being double and triple-teamed, being the target every time,” George explained. “If you bring on someone like James, that’s going to hinder your growth a little bit.”

Green responded, acknowledging the dual nature of the situation. “I think it can play out both ways. It can help and hurt at the same time. I haven’t talked to him about the rumors. But I am with you on that.”

James Harden’s prospective comeback is still a source of interest for both fans as well as analysts as the Rockets continue to negotiate the NBA’s constantly shifting environment. Jalen Green, the team’s rising star, is aware of both the advantages and disadvantages that such a reunion would present. Only time will tell if this hypothetical scenario becomes a reality and how it would affect the Houston Rockets’ future.


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