“This series is over” – Stephen A. Smith CALLS IT OVER for Memphis Grizzlies after Ja Morant suffers injury vs Lakers

Stephen A. Smith ruled out the Memphis Grizzlies from winning the series after Ja Morant got injured in game 1

“This series is over” – Stephen A. Smith CALLS IT OVER for Memphis Grizzlies after Ja Morant suffers injury vs Lakers

Ja Morant

Ja Morant left the first game of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Lakers in the second half after landing awkwardly on his injured wrist and did not return. The Memphis Grizzlies ended up losing 112-128 to the Lakers without Ja to anchor them in the fourth quarter. The reports from Morant’s injury were negative and have put serious doubt in Stephen A . Smith’s mind about the Grizzlies’ chances in this series.

With Brandon Clarke out and to lose Ja Morant too that is entirely entirely too much to overcome,” said Stephen A. Smith on First Take. Clarke suffered an Achilles injury in March and was ruled out for the rest of the season. Reports out of Memphis suggest that Morant has worsened his injury and is unlikely to return to the series. Morant is leading the Grizzlies in points and assists this season and will be a huge miss.

Ja Morant is just that dude and without him I’m giving the Memphis Grizzlies zero chance of winning this series,” said Smith. Despite the Grizzlies having competent scorers in Dillion Brooks and Tyus Jones off the bench, Smith feels Morant’s presence is too valuable. “Jaren Jackson has no help on the frontline whatsoever,” added Smith after JJJ’s 31-point performance went in vain.

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Ja Morant’s status to take part in game 2 is in jeopardy

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Anthony Davis (L) and Ja Morant(R) at FedEx arena (Via: Twitter)

Morant was playing game 1 with wraps on his fingers and after an impact landing, while attempting a dunk, he does not look to return to game 2. He landed on his hands, and in the video, it is visible that his right-hand fingers were bent backwards. Morant is a right-handed player and an aggravated injury on his right hand would certainly be cause for concern.

My main focus was to be out there for my guys. It’s another incident where that’s pretty much in jeopardy,” said Morant after the game. Morant has been suspended by the NBA this season for brandishing a gun on his Instagram Live which derailed the Grizzlies’ season at the time. He feels that the injury is another unfortunate roadblock in a season full of them for the point guard.

The Memphis Grizzlies will be getting flashbacks of their series against the Golden State Warriors in 2022 where Morant got injured and it led to them losing the series. Morant was also famously quoted saying “I’m fine in the West” during the season and after getting injured and losing the first game of the series, that statement is starting to age like milk.

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