Timberwolves star Patrick Beverley shuts up Danny Green after comments about him

After long and hard comments by Danny Green, Timberwolves star Patrick Beverley responds with some stats, which might clears Green's Doubts.

Patrick Beverley and Danny Green
Patrick Beverley and Danny Green

After receiving some negative reactions to his comments on Chris Paul, Minnesota Timberwolves star Patrick Beverley has gone on a spree to fire back at respective personnel. Which also includes Philadelphia 76ers’ guard Danny Green, who went onto sarcastically troll the former.

After being shown the exit gate in the very first playoff round, Patrick Beverley has become a common face on various talk-shows, amid which he covered the Suns vs Mavs game. On the same note, he had some harsh comments on 11-time All-star Chris Paul and his defending against Luka Doncic. Many players reacted negatively to his views and considered that there was no need for such hurtful words toward the future Hall of Famer. Danny even went in line with Beverley and challenged his credibility in defense against Luka Doncic and defense in general. Patrick came up with some proof to support himself and shut any doubts over his abilities.

Patrick was on target of many players, but he was offended by Green’s comment. Now that Patrick has answered Danny Green’s questions, he might go against any other player who threw dis at Pat.

War of Words between Patrick Beverley and Danny Green

Danny Green vs Patrick Beverley
Danny Green vs Patrick Beverley

The Chapter started with Beverley calling Chris Paul defensively weak and even called him a cone to practice around. Comments were very harsh, especially on a player who lost in the Conference Semifinals and saw his chance of winning 1st title after having rather an illustrious career. Current and ex-players felt the pain and supported Chris while warning Pat about “crossing the line”.

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On a different show, Danny Green opened up about his feelings and went a bit ahead to challenge Beverley to show his credentials as a defender. Green also praised the offensive capabilities of Luka Doncic and asked Beverley about his one-on-one record against the Dallas Mavericks marquee player.

Green said, “People target you too, Pat Bev. You ain’t playing no f–king defense out there,” He further added. “You ain’t stopping Luka [Doncic]. It’s time and time again I see Luka call your ass ‘little man’ and ‘he’s too f–king small’ and go right at you every chance he got. When you play Luka you’re a cone, too. How would you like that? Put that out there, I’ll say it twice”

Statistically, Paul was on 7- all defensive 1st teams, and Beverley, generally coming off the bench was a member of just 1 such team. Plus there is a huge difference between the accomplishments of 37-yers old Chris Paul and 33-years old Patrick Beverley, with the former being a member of the NBA’s 75th-anniversary team.

So, lenient and loose comments from Beverley on Chris could be considered a “bit too harsh”. Though Pat didn’t reciprocate his comments, he did reply to Danny Green with strong stats he had against Luka Doncic and also in NBA. 

Beverley highlighted ESPN stats showing his as 2nd best defensive player in the league right now, just behind Giannis Antetokounmpo. Also responding on Danny’s query regarding Pat’s record against Luka Doncic – where Doncic failed to score on 28 possessions, defended by Beverley. Pat did tag Danny Green on the tweet, so that he can go through it.

Neither Green nor Paul had reacted to it, but the subject is kept alive and getting hotter as the “never let go” attitude of Patrick Beverley might come up with another dis at some other player reacting negatively to his comments.   

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