Damian Lillard trade news: Trail Blazers GM gives HUGE UPDATE about star’s demand to join Heat

Trail Blazers GM speaks out on Damian Lillard's trade request, raising doubts about the Miami Heat deal.

Damian Lillard trade news: Trail Blazers GM gives HUGE UPDATE about star’s demand to join Heat

Damian Lillard trade news. (credit: Getty Images)

In the continuous story of Damian Lillard‘s trade inquiry, Joe Cronin, the general manager of the Portland Trail Blazers has offered a major update. It was disclosed of the top point guard’s wish is to join the team of the Miami Heat. Cronin, who had previously expressed his intention to prioritize the best interests of the franchise, has now shed light on the situation.


Lillard’s preference for the Heat has been widely reported, with his agent reportedly advising other teams against trading for the talented guard. However, from the Trail Blazers’ perspective, the primary objective is to secure fair value in any potential deal.

Cronin’s recent comments suggest that either the Heat has not presented a compelling offer that meets their requirements, or he simply doesn’t view Miami’s package as satisfactory, even if all assets are on the table. By keeping multiple teams in the mix, the Blazers can maximize their leverage in negotiations, ensuring they extract the best possible return.

“What I’ve learned more than anything is patience is critical… We’re going to be patient, we’re going to do what’s best for our team… And if it takes months, it takes months.”


Although Lillard has strongly insisted on his wish to become part of the Heat, it is still possible that he may rethink his standpoint. Particularly if he focuses on competing for a title contender. The Boston, Knicks, and Chicago Bulls fit this criteria. The Nets were previously discussed as a potential location and hold an abundance of draft picks. Although we know Lillard will eventually be traded, the destination still remains uncertain.

Trail Blazers GM breaks silence on Damian Lillard trade saga, uncertainty looms over potential move

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Damian Lillard (Credits – Yahoo Sports)

Throughout this trade saga, various individuals have voiced their opinions. Lillard and his agent have expressed their intentions, while NBA insiders and pundits have extensively discussed the situation. However, one person who had remained silent until now was Trail Blazers GM Joe Cronin. Breaking his media silence during the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Cronin addressed the situation surrounding the potential trade of Damian Lillard.

Despite this recent news might worry those who thought Lillard’s transfer to Miami was bound to happen. Experts suggest that Lillard would decline a trade to another franchise, considering his age and circumstances. This suggests that Lillard‘s devotion to Miami Heat can be unchanging.

As the trade drama unfolds, the basketball world eagerly awaits further developments. Damian Lillard’s future destination remains uncertain, as the Trail Blazers and potential suitors are engaged in intense negotiations and strategic maneuvers.


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