“If Jordan Was F*****g Larsa,” Van Lathan believes Michael Jordan is ORCHESTRATING Larsa and Marcus’ love affair to clown Scottie Pippen

Van Lathan believes Michael Jordan is the director behind Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan's relationship to clown Scottie Pippen.

“If Jordan Was F*****g Larsa,” Van Lathan believes Michael Jordan is ORCHESTRATING Larsa and Marcus’ love affair to clown Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan (NBA), Larsa Pippen (People) and Scottie Pippen (AP)

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are now dating for a while. The couple’s bond has grown to the point where they are now considering starting a family together, with Larsa even contemplating a name change to Jordan, replacing her former married name. This development has ignited further animosity within the already tense relationship between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The former dynamic duo, widely revered as one of the greatest duos in basketball history, having clinched six championships together, now find themselves engulfed in a bitter feud marked by deep-seated resentment and animosity

Renowned TV host and media personality Van Lathan has expressed his belief that Michael Jordan is orchestrating the ongoing drama surrounding Larsa Pippen. Lathan points out the intriguing connection between Larsa, who was formerly married to Scottie Pippen for two decades, and her current romantic involvement with Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan. Lathan broke down the complex situation during a recent interview with VLAD TV. He mentioned, “Larsa Pippen is kicking Scottie Pippen’s fu**ing a**. This is the most diabolical sh*t. I have never seen no sh*t like this.”

Further, expressing his thought of how MJ is directing all of this to clown Scottie Pippen, he added, “Michael is like a bond villain. I think Michael is orchestrating all of this. Michael is running the fu*king triangle office on Scottie… I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael was sitting back with a cigar like, ‘Marcus come in here real quick. You love your dad? Yeah, are you a Jordan?… Yeah, I got a mission for you.’ And, then he slides him a picture of Larsa.”

Continuing his analysis, Van Lathan expressed sympathy for Scottie Pippen, who has frequently been dubbed “Robin” in comparison to Michael Jordan’s greatness. Lathan believes that Pippen has been reduced to an “ultimate cook” over the years, facing ridicule and negative portrayals amid the ongoing feud between him and Michael Jordan.

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Van Lathan on what if it was Michael Jordan paired up with Larsa Pippen instead of his son

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Expanding on his theory, Van Lathan suggested that if the situation were reversed, and it was Michael Jordan dating Larsa Pippen instead, it might not have garnered as much attention or controversy. Lathan posits that this further supports his belief that Michael Jordan could potentially be orchestrating the drama surrounding Larsa and her involvement with Marcus.

He said, “It would be one thing if Jordan was fu**ing Larsa Pippen. If Jordan was fu**ing Larsa Pippen, I’d be like it’s alright it’s Michael Jordan you know. Jordan was like I don’t even have to do it… My son. I think they playing too dirty. They gotta stop.”

It seems that Lathan’s theory, suggesting that Michael Jordan is orchestrating the relationship between Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen, is likely incorrect. Recent evidence suggests that MJ actually disapproves of this controversial relationship. A viral video has surfaced, capturing a moment where Michael Jordan initially laughs when questioned about his son dating his former teammate’s ex-wife. However, his reaction quickly changes as he emphatically exclaims “No.”

However, this makes things more complex as the couple has claimed their families approve of their relationship on several occasions.  

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