“Does he hate me because I’m white?” NBA vet Jason Williams recalls embarrassing Gary Payton after BRUTAL trash talk from ‘The Glove’

Former NBA player Jason Williams shares the intense showdown with Gary Payton and his memorable crossover on a Flagrant podcast episode.

“Does he hate me because I’m white?” NBA vet Jason Williams recalls embarrassing Gary Payton after BRUTAL trash talk from ‘The Glove’

Jayson Williams and Garry Payton crossover (via Basquet Plus)

A recent edition of Andrew Schulz‘s Flagrant podcast hosted former NBA player Jason Williams. The former Miami Heat star discussed a life-changing event during his basketball career. The segment focused on his interaction with the renowned “The Glove,” Gary Payton, while he was a member of the Miami Heat. Williams revealed the background of an iconic crossover as well as the tension that developed between them.


The story begins after Williams joined the Miami Heat and Gary Payton came over in the offseason. Payton was a bigger star, and he was known for trash-talking. However, as soon as Payton arrived, he started trash-talking Williams. This was something the point guard had never experienced. For those unfamiliar, Schulz asked Williams to recap the remarkable crossover maneuver he performed during their meeting. Williams remembered the run-up to the crossing. He struck a long-range shot from “Steph Curry range.” Williams had been provoked by Payton’s constant trash-talking of him during the game.

Payton called Williams a “white boy” several times during the game, which confused and unnerved Williams. During the conversation with Schulz, he recalled the incident and stated:

Does he hate me because I am white? I have never been in any racial tension at all and he has come and just started this.
Jason Williams via Flagrant podcast.

Williams questioned if Payton was distraught with him due to his race. Williams sank a long three-pointer from beyond the arc while Payton taunted him. When they next came into contact, Payton took a defensive stance because he felt challenged. Williams took advantage of the situation and executed a crossover move that knocked Payton off-balance and ultimately caused him to trip. Tension persisted despite Williams’ successful crossover and the following three-pointer appearing to defuse the situation.


Williams concluded by recalling an instance where he inadvertently trod on Payton’s Air Force Ones during Payton’s news conference. Their relationship seemed to change at this time, and they both appeared to recognize each other’s competitive nature. The audio episode provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional basketball and the dynamics and feelings that can surface during close games.

Garry Payton wouldn’t follow Pat Riley’s plays during the Miami Heat days

Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, Jason Williams, and Garry Payton formed a superteam with the Miami Heat. Shaq disclosed several stories about the Miami Heat team. He had a particular story about Payton.

Gary Payton in the Miami Heat jersey
Gary Payton in the Miami Heat jersey (via Miami Herald)

Shaq said Payton refused to follow Pat Riley’s instructions and didn’t want to execute his plays during games. Williams added comically that Payton intended for Shaq to merely throw it out for someone else to score if he got doubled. This would happen on every play.

Although Riley was one of the best coaches of all time, it wasn’t always easy to play for him. Williams said Shaq asked him to leave training when he arrived at the gym ten seconds late in the 2007–08 campaign.


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