WATCH: 7’4′ phenom Victor Wembanyama’s shot gets SMACKED out of court by Gary Payton II in incredible chase down block

Gary Payton II's block on Wembanyama captivates in Warriors' nail-biting dub over Spurs.

WATCH: 7’4′ phenom Victor Wembanyama’s shot gets SMACKED out of court by Gary Payton II in incredible chase down block

Gary Payton II blocks Victor Wembanyama (NBA)

In a thrilling NBA match, the Golden State Warriors edged out the San Antonio Spurs 118-112. A highlight was Gary Payton II‘s remarkable chase-down block on Victor Wembanyama, showcasing the league’s intense competition and skill.


The high-energy game with a tight scoreline featured a defensive masterstroke from Payton II. Known for his agility and defensive skill, he impressively blocked 7’4” French prodigy Wembanyama. This block underscored Payton’s remarkable talent in challenging significantly taller players.

Gary Payton II had this to say on how he managed to pull off this amazing block on Victor Wembanyama in the post-game interview:

I was just tryna get back and help check the rim and I think it was 30 [Stephen Curry] that made him re-adjust into the Euro [step]. I knew he wasn't passing the ball, so just tried to meet him at the top before he got it off.
Gary Payton II via post-game interview

The Golden State Warriors showcased a remarkable performance, spearheaded by Steph’s 35-point performance, which was complimented by six assists. Klay Thompson added 15 points amidst speculations of him being ‘washed out.’ On the playmaking front, Chris Paul was instrumental, providing ten assists and showcasing his vision and skill in setting up scoring opportunities.


The San Antonio Spurs’ young talents made a notable impact on the opposing side. Wembanyama and Keldon Johnson scored 22 points each and contributed four assists, reflecting their growing prowess in the league. Devin Vassell emerged as the top scorer for the Spurs, putting up 24 points, indicating his potential as a key offensive player.

Gary Payton II is easily one of the best perimeter defenders in the league

Gary Payton II, emulating his father, NBA icon Gary Payton, has become a defensive force. His versatility in guarding various player sizes and his unwavering on-court effort render him vital to the Warriors’ defense.

Gary Payton II, often dubbed ‘Pickpocket’ has a defensive rating of 112.1 this season (The Athletic)

Payton II was instrumental in the Warrior’s fourth NBA title win. He did an excellent job guarding Nikola Jokic in the first round of the playoffs. His energy was instrumental in the Warriors overcoming the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals.

As key Golden State Warriors players like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green near retirement, attention turns to newer talents. Gary Payton II and Jonathan Kuminga emerge as promising prospects, poised to uphold the Warrior dynasty’s legacy.