“He was made in a lab” – Victor Wembanyama SHOCKINGLY reveals he was 5’10 at nine years old; fans react

Victor Wembanyama is very quickly making a huge name for himself in the world of NBA.

“He was made in a lab” – Victor Wembanyama SHOCKINGLY reveals he was 5’10 at nine years old; fans react

Connor Bedard and Victor Wembanyama on NHL

In a realm where tales of athletic marvels often seem spun from myth, Victor Wembanyama has added a compelling narrative to his legendary status. This French basketball prodigy, towering and skilled, shared a childhood detail that has fans and peers abuzz.

In a candid chat with hockey wunderkind, Connor Bedard, Wembanyama revealed he stood 5’10 by age 9. This insight not only highlights his exceptional growth but hints at the hurdles he faced early on. His path from a tall kid to a 7’3″ NBA hopeful showcases his immense potential.

Wembanyama’s early growth spurt underscores the genetic advantage he has over others and the rigorous training he’s gone through to achieve such skills at 7’3, with an 8-foot wingspan and weighing 230 pounds. He’s likened to former MVPs like Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokic for his shooting and versatility.

Victor Wembanyama early court prowess was a preview of his potential. Leading the French league in key stats at 19 and now at the San Antonio Spurs, he’s easily one of the best European prospects in the NBA ever.

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Fans shocked by nine-year-old Wemby being taller than them

The world of basketball is astir over Wembanyama’s story, with reactions ranging from shock to humor on social media. His journey transcends the sport, highlighting the wonders of human capacity.

Victor Wembanyama (X)
Victor Wembanyama (AP)

Social media is alight with reactions to Wembanyama’s fascinating growth tale:

Wembanyama’s tale is a testament to the varied routes to sporting excellence. As he steps into the NBA, his growth from a 5’10 nine-year-old to being a court marvel is set to inspire many to dream big, regardless of their height.

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