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“It is NOT an unsafe place for African American” Vince Carter smacks Chris Broussard for making ‘disappointing’ comments about Toronto

Vince Carter responds to Chris Broussard's obsolete comments about Toronto.

Vince Carter, Chris Broussard

The most recent ex-Toronto Raptors player to criticise Fox Sports 1 anchor Chris Broussard‘s comments against Toronto is Vince Carter. Carter joined former Raptors Norman Powell and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson in addressing any misgivings black athletes might have about competing in Toronto. Since those early years when the team struggled to establish Toronto as an NBA contender and attract top players, the Raptors have done a great deal. But those worries have long since been cleared up, so Carter is sad that certain false notions about the city and organisation continue to exist.


The Raptors have emerged as a candidate to acquire Kevin Durant from the Nets, and while most analysts were preoccupied with what the Raptors would need to give up and how Durant would fit with the organization, Broussard took a very different approach. He questioned why an athlete of African descent would want to go there. On a podcast, Carter called out Broussard to defend Toronto against his critics.

Vince Carter and his rise to stardom in Toronto

The first player to suit up in four separate decades in NBA history is Vince Carter. Carter was still dunkin’ well into his 40s, while his friends were retiring one by one and enjoying their best life. Carter was selected fifth overall by the Toronto Raptors in 1998. The city, as well as the organization, were in serious need of a star who could serve as their central figure and that symbol became Carter. His incredible dunking skills and captivating playing style made him a national celebrity. Every time he played, the Air Canada Center was loaded to fullest. He very nearly single-handedly put Canada in the map and in the NBA by elevating the Toronto Raptors to a powerhouse status.


When the star player apparently asked for a move in the middle of the 2004–05 season, Carter lost the support of the fan base. He was traded to the New Jersey Nets for Alonzo Mourning, Eric Williams, Aaron Williams, and two first-round picks after his request was approved. After the trade, the sentiment among the fan base that Carter had abandoned them began to shift, and they stopped showing up to heckle him. Carter, who had joined the Memphis Grizzlies at the time of the franchise’s 20th anniversary, was honoured with a film clip. Having not spoken since their messy breakup, standing ovations were given to Carter by the Raptor crowd, which caused the former Raptor to cry.

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Chris Broussard gets slammed by Carter for his comments on Toronto.

Carter responded to recent statements made by Fox Sports broadcaster Chris Broussard, who criticised Toronto when considering the Raptors as a potential trade destination for unhappy Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, on Wednesday’s episode of The VC Show. The former Raptors great is the latest to criticize Broussard’s ranting as an obsolete viewpoint after the American host received harsh criticism for his remarks. He stated: “I’ve had my ups and downs with Toronto for whatever reasons, being traded and all that, but one thing Toronto is not is an awkward city for an African American.”

Throughout his 24 seasons in the NBA, Carter, who played for eight different teams, added that while the city and organisation first faced some obstacles, they have since justified its critics. Not just Carter, former NBA player, disagrees with Broussard’s remarks. Richard Jefferson, a former teammate of Carter’s on the Nets who played 17 seasons in the NBA and is currently an ESPN commentator, defended Toronto by claiming it is one of the top five NBA markets.

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