“Was on drugs at the time” – James Harden reveals Daryl Morey betrayed him by claiming 76ers will offer former MVP $227 million contract, NBA fans claim Philly GM was right

James Harden's Shocking Exit from 76ers Sparks Outrage: Betrayed by Daryl Morey's Broken Promises, Fans and NBA Community React.

“Was on drugs at the time” – James Harden reveals Daryl Morey betrayed him by claiming 76ers will offer former MVP $227 million contract, NBA fans claim Philly GM was right

James Harden and Daryl Morey (via Houston Chronicle)

James Harden joined the Los Angeles Clippers after being traded from the Philadelphia 76ers. The main reasons for James leaving the Philadelphia 76ers included falling out of favor with Sixers president Daryl Morey and the unwillingness to offer him an extended contract.

James Harden has not publicly discussed the issue too much. Harden described his general manager Daryl Morey as a liar after the former refused to give him a fresh contract. It was clear that Harden would never play for the Philadelphia-based side if Morey remained at its helm. A Sam Amick piece in The Athletic stated that Harden claimed that Morey had promised a max deal one year later, after taking a pay cut worth $15. Harden saw that waiting was not worth it and demanded a trade.


Sam Amick interviewed Harden where he spoke about how he fell out with Daryl Morey and why he had to go away from Philadelphia. Harden stated that he wanted to be moved because of Morey’s supposed “lack of respect.” However, Harden’s fans gave up and they flooded social networks spreading their opinion. Another traumatized x.com (former Twitter) account @perSource Tweeted:

Daryl was on drugs at the time

The 76ers, who are currently fourth in the east division with a record of 12 wins and 7 losses, have not looked back after trading Harden. Tyrese Maxey is now Philadelphia’s second-best option as the team looks to push even deeper into the playoffs and, who knows, maybe win the championship this time around, following Joel Embiid’s recent induction as the NBA’s MVP.

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James Harden’s shocking exit from the 76ers sparks global fan outcry

James Harden’s unexpected departure from the Philadelphia 76ers has stunned and created bittersweet emotions among basketball fans around the globe. Former Houston Rockets team president Daryl Morey has broken commitments and shown contempt. These actions have enraged basketball fans everywhere.

James Harden

Harden initially took a pay cut to help the team. This was followed by the promise of a maximum contract which never happened. The resultant fallout with Morey has pushed Harden to ask for his exit following direct and blunt criticism of Morey’s dishonesty.

Fans of several teams have openly and loudly expressed their emotions on social media. The 76ers are surprisingly still winning in the Eastern Conference and playing well without Harden; nevertheless, there is no real answer to the issue, which continues to polarise team supporters. Its departure has made a lasting impression on Philadelphia supporters, who see Tyrese Maxey as a key player in the city’s new direction.


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