WATCH: 38 year old LeBron James’ INSANE pre-game workout that starts FIVE hours before show time

LeBron James was seen breaking a sweat at the Lakers facility four hours prior the Suns game.

WATCH: 38 year old LeBron James’ INSANE pre-game workout that starts FIVE hours before show time

LeBron James (via Sports Illustrated)

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, has been defying the odds and has been dropping one of the best performances in the current NBA season unlike ever before. Despite being the oldest player in the NBA, he has been breaking records, and according to a recent Instagram post, King James has been showing his dedication by showing up four hours before the tip of the game and breaking a sweat.


LeBron James, since his draft in the year 2003, has had a stellar track record of being the hardest-working athlete in the NBA which has been the reason for his massive success as one of the greatest players and one of the top scorers in the leaderboard scoring all time 39,000 career points.

In his recent Instagram post, James gave a sneak peek into his training session ahead of their game against the Phoenix Suns. According to the Lakers’ social media team King James, he arrived at 2:15, four hours before the tip-off against the Suns. James arrived at 2:15 for some much-needed warmup and resistance work and entered the gym at 2:45

According to the post by the media team, James was seen performing strength training which included sets of working out his core, rotational presses, and lunges. The media team gave detailed timings of his warmup, with James hitting the court and honing on his shooting skills and moves.


Fans and critics were in awe of King James’s hard work and work ethic which has kept him at the top of his game. In the ongoing In-season tournament, James has scored a total of 131 points including 41 assists, nine steals, and 40 rebounds so far.

LeBron James has no intention of retiring anytime soon and comments to take down Father Time

The Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James is known to be one of the greatest and oldest players to play in the NBA. James is also part of one of the most controversial debates in sports history. The question always is who is the greater player: James or Michael Jordan. James is entering his 21st season and he doesn’t have any intentions of backing down from the league. He is still one of the best players in the world and can lead his team to victories.

LeBron James
Skip Bayless does not rate LeBron James’ toughness (Image via Twitter)

In his recent performance against the Phoenix Suns, James put up an impressive performance. He dropped 31 points in a game time of 40 minutes including eight rebounds and 11 assists. The Lakers left with the scorecard reading 106-103.

James in his post-game interview touched on the topic of his battle with Father Time:

 I want to continue to defy the odds, and continue to have this battle with Father Time that for so long everyone has said is undefeated. Trying to give him one loss.

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