WATCH: “Soft a*s boy, stop b***hing” – Ime Udoka HUMILIATED LeBron James before getting ejected during Rockets vs. Warriors

It didn't help that the Houston Rockets were losing to the Los Angeles Lakers/

WATCH: “Soft a*s boy, stop b***hing” – Ime Udoka HUMILIATED LeBron James before getting ejected during Rockets vs. Warriors

Referee J.T. Orr monitored the "Thanksgiving" conversation between LeBron James and Ime Udoka (NBAE)

LeBron James and Ime Udoka confronted each other in a very heated on-court incident. The stiffness and high competition in the league are clearly shown by Udoka’s direct comments and request for his opponents to be tougher. Udoka could not hide his frustration after his team lost for the 3rd time in one season, this time to the Los Angeles Lakers. Udoka had his second technical foul after exchanging a few words with Lebron during the final quarter.


The 46-year-old walked up to James as they continued discussing something, right in front of the referee. Both players were issued technical fouls and then Udoka was ejected from the game. He was quizzed on why his team registered a loss in an after-game press conference.

Ime Udoka angrily uttered some unpleasant remarks to James and his Los Angeles teammates during the fourth quarter, he said

Stop crying like b*tches, man! Stop b*tching

After walking toward Udoka for a one-on-one conversation, James responded

We're all grown men. That b*tch word ain't cool.

Udoka’s final response before getting ejected was

Soft a** boy, stop b*tching. Acting like you’re gonna do something.

Both teams received technical fouls at that point from the referee. It was Udoka’s second of the match, and he was sent off.

This gave Udoka ammo to spew during the post-match presser. He criticized his own team’s performance and also showed his displeasure with his ejection. James, though, portrayed this conversation as a friendly one.

He was also very happy about how successfully the season was going. James has every reason to be happy. He has started this season well and has been averaging 24.4 points,7.6 rebounds, and 6.4 assists per season. For a player almost touching 40, those are some ungodly stats.


Transition to the Rockets: Ime Udoka’s summer move after departing Boston Celtics

Before that, Ime Udoka left the Boston Celtics before the 2022-23 season after being rumored to have had an affair with a staff member of the organization. He, then, accepted a position with the Houston Rockets. The league provided advice to the Rocket’s management in making this decision.

Ime Udoka
Ime Udoka (Image credits – Yardbarker)

Tilman Fertitta, the team’s owner, stated in a press conference following Udoka’s hire that he felt at ease with the NBA keeping an eye on the coach. Fertitta specifically contended that the process was already simple for them because they had watched the coach serve out his one-year sentence and were aware that he was one of the most likely candidates to assume the Houston position. Udoka succeeded Stephen Silas intending to get the squad back on track.

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