When 5-year-old Michael Jordan’s HORRIFYING MISTAKE could have ended his NBA dreams forever

Michael Jordan would have never played basketball due to a mistake of his 5-year-old self.

When 5-year-old Michael Jordan’s HORRIFYING MISTAKE could have ended his NBA dreams forever

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the greatest or one of the greatest players to ever set foot on a basketball court. His on-court greats and fearless dominating behavior which scared his rivals got him the nickname, Black Jesus. He is one of the toughest competitors in sports history. Michael Jordan during his illustrious career bagged everything one can in the league. Also, he’s the reason behind the widespread of basketball and the NBA. As he was the very first global superstar from the league.

But all of this would have never happened. As a childhood injury could have ended Michael Jordan’s basketball journey even before it started. As 5-year-old MJ almost lost his toe accidentally while chopping some wood with an axe in his backyard. He reflected upon that career-ending injury of his even before his career started during his appearance at “Late Night with David Letterman,” in 1989.

There in the show, he was questioned about that incident. And, Michael Jordan honestly revealed every detail about it. MJ even mentioned how he was warned by his parents not to mess with the axe as he was too young to be playing with it. But little did the 5-year-old MJ listen.

Further, revealing the exact story MJ quoted: “When I’m playing with the axe, I don’t have any shoes on. When you’re from the country, you don’t wear shoes outside. I’m chopping little bits of pieces of wood and being hard-headed and I accidentally miss the wood and I caught half of my big toe.” Then screamingly he ran back to his parents, who then took him to a neighborhood doctor whose certification he still doubts.

The doctor though unexpectedly took away the pain by pouring some Kerosene as Michael Jordan said. That’s not the ideal solution but it worked for the G.O.A.T as he claims. If he wasn’t helped immediately, or the injury would have been a bit more serious then the basketball world today wouldn’t be the same. As that injury would have taken Michael Jordan out of the game forever.

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Michael Jordan’s hilarious reason for being the tallest family member

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

David Letterman went on to ask Michael Jordan if he was the tallest family member after they discussed the tragic incident which could have changed basketball.

And, as expected MJ turned out to be the tallest guy. But surprisingly his family wasn’t from the same height club. As he was the only one to even cross the six-foot mark. And, while revealing a hilarious reason he even clowned his parents.

Michael Jordan said: “I’m the tallest. My father’s about 5’10, my mother’s about 5’5. Everyone else is about 5’6 ½, 5’7. The milkman’s about 6’7… My father’s backstage, I didn’t mean that pops… He knows that I kid with him about it all the time.” This joke of MJ went viral in moments even back then and still keeps resurfacing on the web.  

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