“I f**ked your b***h” – When Kevin Garnett almost started BRAWL with Carmelo Anthony after shocking trash talk

Revisiting the incident when Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett nearly sparked a brawl after engaging in trash talk.

“I f**ked your b***h” – When Kevin Garnett almost started BRAWL with Carmelo Anthony after shocking trash talk

Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony (via Bleacher Report)

Kevin Garnett was known trash trash-talking in his time in the NBA. He loudly proclaimed what was happening beneath him, ensuring other players would always be aware of his stance. That all changed when KG started talking smack to Melo in a game vs. the Knicks and Boston Celtics. It’s been brewing ever since the playoff matchup in 2004 when KG was on the Timberwolves and Melo was on the Nuggets.

They did not play until 2011 when both teams were in the East. In the 2013 season, however, there was an incident that happened during a regular-season game. They kept trading dialogue throughout the game. And when one became a scrumming match, refs finally stepped in as players exchanged words with each other. KG took a shot at Melo personally and came up on him saying that he can’t talk to him like that.

Both got into scuffles after the dustup and were then ejected with technicals called by officials. Boston won the game 102-96 at Madison Square Garden, but Melo wasn’t able to move past the comments made by KG about his wife. Melo’s teammate Amar’e Stoudemire said that what Garnett said to Melo, who is usually mild-mannered on the court, really cut deep, leading him to become angered on the court.

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What happened following the incident?

After the incident, Carmelo Anthony rushed to the Boston Celtics’ locker room and called out for Kevin Garnett to confront him face-to-face. When Kevin Garnett didn’t emerge from the locker room, Melo went to the Celtics’ team bus and waited for Garnett to board the bus and confront him there. However, the situation was handled by the police and security, preventing Melo from getting into any trouble. Melo was suspended for a game, which he didn’t feel was fair, as he only wanted to resolve things with KG.

What happened following the incident?
Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony (via NY Post)

The feud between the two was eventually settled as they resolved their differences outside of court. However, both of them continued to face questions about the incident.

Melo even humorously acknowledged KG’s famous Honey Nut Cheerios comment at a press conference for his shoe launch. Garnett is known for being a notoriously harsh trash talker; he once wished Tim Duncan Happy Mother’s Day, knowing Duncan’s mother had passed away some time ago. Both Melo and KG have since retired and become good friends.

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