Who is Nikola Jokic’s girlfriend? Know all about Natalija Macesic

Denver Nuggets star and winner of back to back MVP awards, Nikola Jokic has won over love of his life too.Check out all details about Nikola's long term girlfriend and wife Natalija Macesic.

Nikola Jokic with wife Natalija
Nikola Jokic with wife Natalija

Not only has the reigning regular season’s MVP, Nikola Jokic charmed all the fans with his silky plays, but also has stolen heart from young fellow Serbian long time back. Check out all details about Nikola’s long term girlfriend and wife Natalija Macesic.

Denver Nuggets megastar Nikola Jokic is expected to sign a new extended contract with the team. The contract is considered to be worth $254 million for 5 years. He will be one of the highest-paid athletes in the league after this. The Serbian giant is not only a star player on the court but a heartthrob for Natalija Macesic. The 7-year relationship finally moved to the next step and tied the knot in 2020.

Nikola Jokic and longtime girlfriend Natalija Macesic were married Saturday in Serbia. The ceremony was in the Serbian City of Somber, Jokic’s hometown. The wedding ceremony had the couple dancing and singing. Jokic and Macesic were together since 2013.

Nikola Jokić and Natalija Macesic Love story

Natalija with Nikola Jokic during NBA draft
Natalija with Nikola Jokic during NBA draft

Natalija Macesic and Nikola Jokić have been together since high school when both of them were 18 years old. Same-aged individuals clicked very early in their life and bonded well. 5 ft 8-inch Natalija got a psychology degree from the Metropolitan State University in Minnesota. She used to play volleyball at a junior college in Oklahoma before attending the Metropolitan State University of Denver. 

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It was reported that the couple originally planned to get married in June, but the wedding ceremony was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reception in Somber was also heavily guarded and with few guests. She accompanied Jokić to the USA when the player joined the Nuggets and also to London when they played an exhibition game.

A couple of photos from the ceremony were shared on Jokić’s official Instagram, with the following caption: “Joker’s wedding with his high school sweetheart Natalija took place yesterday in Sombor, Serbia 🇷🇸🔥 Congratulations 🎉”

Though Natalija Mačešić is married to regular season’s MVP Nikola Jokić, her personal life is still very private. In fact, even her Instagram profile is a private one. Every success story in the NBA must have a solid foundation for the player to be able to work and focus on perfecting their craft. This is the case with Nikola and Natalija.

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