Wild Queen Elizabeth II curse theory plaguing Sacramento Kings goes viral on Reddit

Wild Queen Elizabeth II curse theory plaguing Sacramento Kings goes viral on Reddit

The Sacramento Kings could take anything to get their shot at the title by the next season, literally anything. Over the last stretch of seasons, they have never found success among the Western Conference teams and barely scraped through last season. Despite tanking numerous times for a top pick, their luck would never turn out well for them.

Domantas Sabonis

Last season, they showed a glimpse of hope in the beginning with Harrison Barnes making a slight appearance on offense averaging 16.4 points per game. The addition of Domantas Sabonis last season was a great way to begin a chance considering how great of a two-way player he is. And the acquisition of Malik Monk will only benefit them in the long run.

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Insane Sacramento Kings reddit conspiracy theory goes viral

De'Aaron Fox
De’Aaron Fox

The Sacramento Kings have never had a good season in forever. Despite taking drastic measures by changing their roster and coaching staff, nothing has ever worked out for them. But this particular conspiracy theory suggests that recently demised Queen Elizabeth II had something to do with it.


The Reddit post highlighted times when the Kings first began their journey as a franchise part of the NBL. Back then known as the Rochester Royals, they had an incredible run winning the title in their first ever season and five more all during the rule of King George VI in the 1940s. Apparently, their success even continued after the BAA and NBL merger.

Soon, the King passed away and the throne was taken over by Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. The theory stated that the “Royals” were never successful ever since she was appointed to take over the British throne. They would never match their runs during the King’s rule and barely tasted the playoffs ever since his death. The theory also suggested that they changed their name from Royals to Kings in hopes it would bring them luck.

Further more, it said that the franchise would move cities further away from the monarch’s Kingdom ultimately reaching the very western edge of the United States map, Sacramento. 70 seasons later including the death of her highness and King Charles III’s takeover, the theory says that this could break the curse that held the Kings away from the top of the league. Could this be true? We could only expect answers when the Kings start their new journey next season.

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