“People don’t know that’s a little dirty mothefu****, man”  Patrick Beverley reveals what he and Chris Paul have been fighting for since high school

Patrick Beverley loves to get on everyone’s nerves, but there is one guy who managed to get under his, Chris Paul!

Jae crowder on Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley shoves Chris Paul

Patrick Beverley and Chris Paul is a combination which you wouldn’t ideally think of when you talk about players that have a problem with each other, but the pair seems to be there, and their problems have a long history, a history that goes back in time to the era where they were in high school! For someone like Patrick who loves to piss other people off, someone else managing to do it to him should be given props for doing that, and Beverley did it for Chris Paul, but also reminded him that he is a dirty little m**********r.

The long saga between Paul and Beverley shall not end, and the same lies with their stories, they won’t end anytime soon.

Patrick Beverley Net Worth
Patrick Beverley

Beverley has a history of managing to fight with players and pissing them off in that process, and the list of those players varies from the likes of Kevin Durant and Chris Paul to Marcus Smart and Stephen Curry, and such a wide variety in fights can only be achieved by one man, Beverley. At this point it seems as if it’s his job to try and get under one’s skin to somehow make them miss and take his team to a victory, which he has been successful in doing most of the times.

With what we have known about Beverley and what we haven’t, his anecdote about Chris Paul managing to piss him off is the most hilarious instance of all time! Out of all the people in the league, Chris Paul, who does have some fights and fiascos related to his name, was the one who managed to get under Beverley’s skin, and the funniest part is, he did it back in high school, and Beverley being himself, he has carried it since that time, now into the league.

Let us take a closer look at this conversation Beverley had with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter in “The Old Man and The Three” podcast where the stars spoke about a plethora of topics, and this one stuck out from all of them!

Patrick Beverley discusses feud with Chris Paul, calls him a “dirty motherfu****”

Jae crowder on Patrick Beverley
Chris Paul on Patrick Beverley

The conversation Patrick Beverley had on “The Old Man and The Three” podcast about his feud with Chris Paul which has been running since high school has to be one of the funniest stories about the player, and when we tell you that, we do keep in mind the number of controversies he has been involved in, and yet somehow, this one manages to stick out as Beverley has pissed many people off, but Chris Paul has been the one to be able to do it to him.

Patrick Beverley in a snippet of this entire conversation talks about the one and only one person who has managed to piss him off, and that has been Chris Paul, and he says that the feud between them both has existed since time immemorial. While talking about his genuine dislike for Chris Paul, Beverely says, “Me and Chris, what we have has been going on since I was in high school,” Beverley said, “I got invited to LeBron James’ camp, you know, the big Nike LeBron James camp when I was in college. Ironically, my roommate at the time, Stephen Curry. Me and him, every basketball camp, USA Team, he’s my roommate every single time since we were young.”

As he spoke about the time of their feud, Beverley then followed it up and said, “So, you’re on a certain team, you get a chance to play against LeBron. I think O.J. Mayo was there. Chris Paul was there. I killed them, destroyed them in front of every f****** NBA scout out there. I’m a sophomore in f****** college. I’m going at them every single play. I’m calling them a child, and then I see them in the NBA.”

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Beverley then goes on to talk about what pissed him off, he said, “So, of course, the energy is gonna roll over to the NBA. And Chris does slick s***. Like, people don’t know – that’s a little dirty mother******, man. Chris know that too, man.”


The Old Man And The Three Podcast with Patrick Beverley

Chris Paul and Patrick Beverley in the NBA

With what went down in high school and the specific dislike Beverely had for Chris Paul since then, it is a bit too obvious that Patrick Beverely wouldn’t let go off that very easily, and therefore, even though the players respects his rival’s hustle and his ability to make plays and shoot the ball the way he does it, he still doesn’t fail to highlight that Paul is still a little “Motherfuc***” and him doing any good thing won’t stop Beverley from doing his job, and that is, of defending his team.

Patrick Beverley's hustle play
Patrick Beverley’s hustle play

Beverely said, “I love CP, bro,” Beverley said. “He changed the game also, and you have to give him his props for that. But he knows how to finesse the system, too, and you have to give him credit for that, too. It was just one of those things I had toget off of my chest, and I called him after. The same night.”

Beverley being himself has had scuffles with a multitude of players in the league, and it has been highly favorable to him and has given him the kind of results that he wants. Paul has cemented his legacy as being one of the best playmakers, shooters and point guards in the history of the sport.

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