Stephen Curry draws a parallel between him and “Creative Genius” Lionel Messi on how they are inspiring the younger generation

The “Golden boy” of NBA, Stephen Curry had splendid things to say about the GOAT of football Lionel Messi in an interview where he was drawing a parallel between him and the footballer.

Stephen Curry has always been known for his ball handles, the smooth 3 pointers and the overall impact he has on his team, The Golden State Warriors, where he often tends to carry the team on his shoulder, giving then wins after wins after wins. But what he is also known for is adding the little razzle dazzle to his pre match rituals and warm-ups through many a tricks that he knows, most of which, not to our surprise are football moves.

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Stephen Curry

Steph can very often be seen doing football moves on and off the court, most of them in his pre-match warm ups, some of which include doing keepy-ups, shooting with his foot, shooting after taking passes from his teammates and always ending them with the 3 pointers, or sometimes even layups.

Stephen Curry ingraining football in his warm-ups

Curry has always shown a keen interest in the sport of football, and also the football players, where in this instance, Curry showered praises for the then FC Barcelona player, Lionel Messi.

Let us take a closer look at what all things Curry had to say about Messi

Stephen Curry explains how he and Messi are having similar impacts on their respective sports

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

In an interview when a comparison was drawn between him and the Football legend, Curry had a lot of good things to say about Messi, for instance he stated, “I think it’s the creative genius to what he does and a flair, but also there is a fundamental aspect to the flair” and later went on to say, ‘The work that he puts in, I’m assuming, based on the talent that he has, and combining that with the talent that he has and how that kind of shows when he’s out there on the pitch”

Curry also said “So I think there’s a lot of comparison, really, around the creativity and the innovation that we bring to our respective sports and trying to, I guess, impact – I would say influence the next generation to try to push themselves as well.”

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Curry and Messi both are one of the biggest stars of their respective sports, and their fans are omnipresent throughout the world. At that point in time, Curry had Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala on his side, while Messi had Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr. to support them in their quest for greatness.

In the past such comparisons have always been made between both of them, and Curry has always had good things to say about Messi.

We both have a creative style, where it’s just about a feel when you’re out on the pitch or on the court,” Curry said. “I try to do the fancy things out there by going with both hands, making crossover moves and having a certain creativity and flair to my game That’s definitely the style that Messi has when he’s out there in his matches. I love watching him play. I’m a big fan, because you never know what he’s going to do at any given moment. When he’s on TV, everyone is glued in, because as soon as he gets a touch on the ball, something special could happen.”

“You’ve got to appreciate that kind of talent.”

The Similarities Between Their Careers

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Be it prior to this interview or after it, Stephen Curry and Lionell Messi have had a similar career trajectory. Both of them are arguably the best in their respective sports, while some might argue that it is Lebron James in basketball and Cristiano Ronaldo in football. Both of the players are hardworking, and have carried their teams forward and won championships with them.

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Stephen Curry and Lionel Messi

Considering the fan following that they have, these players have had huge impacts on the way people view their sport, now everyone wishes to have the 3-point skills and ball handles of Stephen Curry while everyone wishes to have the speed and dribbling of Lionel Messi. It has always been the same for both of them.

No matter what happens, such mutual respect is guaranteed to stay between the both of them, for the level at which they are, and all the things that they have achieved, humility and ability to appreciate talent, will always be the first.

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