“That’s my guy, my brother” Lakers star LeBron James gets brutally honest after posturizing Kevin Love 

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LeBron James posturizes Kevin Love
LeBron James posturizes Kevin Love

Kevin Love is one of the few players in modern-day NBA, who had never faced the wrath of LeBron James after playing alongside him on the court, until the Lakers’ latest outing to Cleveland. Being the brother they are, LeBron James went onto posturize Kevin Love in the second quarter in epic fashion. After which the 37-year-old did have to face the humorous aggression of his brother as well. 

With LeBron James sprinting his way onto the rim, it is never a good idea to stand in the way. However, it was a bit late for Kevin Love to realise the same as he got him posturized. Yet even after that, LeBron James was quick to acknowledge the love he has for his former teammate, calling him out as a true brother. 

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What was opinionated by LeBron James? 

After the Lakers came out victorious against the Cavaliers, LeBron admitted that, considering his relationship with former teammate Kevin Love, he wished one of his top highlights of the season never happened. 

“To be completely honest, I hate that it had to be him,” LeBron told reporters. “That’s my guy. That’s my brother. Hope I’m still invited to the wedding. That’s not even in my all-time dunks, so I’ll take it out. I didn’t mean it. K-Love, I love you. And I take it back. I wish I could take those two points back and we’d still win the game by nine.” 

LeBron James and Kevin Love
LeBron James and Kevin Love

That being said, the vibes were all good between James and Love, who made four trips to the Finals together and won the 2016 title. Love responded by putting James in a bear-hug and headlock coming out of halftime. 

The Los Angeles Lakers were in dire need of a victory and this win against the Cavaliers have only gone onto improve their confidence on the road. With a 38-point masterclass by the King, will he be able to fill the voids of a depleted purple and gold army? All speculations shall be answered in the coming weeks. 

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