“That’s the part we fail to realize, we haven’t seen Ben Simmons play since last June” Kendrick Perkins questions what form of Ben Simmons will Nets get approaching postseason

Analyst Kendrick Perkins gives his undisputed opinion on Nets star Ben Simmons' form.

Ben Simmons and Kendrick Perkins
Ben Simmons and Kendrick Perkins

In the current NBA season, the most headlined news was about the trade deal between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers where both franchisees traded their key-guard players, Ben Simmons and James Harden. This deal was considered one of the most successful trade deals in NBA history as both teams were seen in a win-win situation on paper. But in reality, the Nets are still not able to take any advantage, because Simmons hasn’t played a single game with the team since he joined them.

Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons

It is expected that Ben Simmons might appear in the last few league games for the Nets but there are still many doubts regarding him. As Simmons has not played a single game in this season, will it be right to bring him in the crucial time when the Nets are hanging in between the line of Playoffs and play-in tournament?

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Analyst Kendrick Perkins gives his undisputed opinion on Nets star Ben Simmons form

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Ben Simmons

The Nets are aiming to win the Championship with Simmons’ impact on the team, but no one is sure that the former Sixers star will be able to perform the way Nets wants. The same question was raised by Former Boston Celtics center, Kendrick Perkins on the recent episode of ESPN’s Get Up show.

Perkins stated, “They do need Ben Simmons, but what version of Ben Simmons? That’s the part we fail to realize. We haven’t seen Ben Simmons play since last June.”

The Nets fans are yet to see Simmons on the court in their infamous black and white jersey. The reason for this is still unanswered. But on last Friday Nets coach Steve Nash revealed Simmons has a herniated disk on his back and he is still recovering from it.

Nash said, “He hasn’t practiced for us yet, he’s done some individual workouts, then he had the flare-up. So that’s the next step. That’s the step he hasn’t gotten back to yet, is individual on-court workouts.”

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The Nets are eager to get the star point guard on the floor as they want to make a deep playoff run and win the Championship but Simmons’ debut getting postponed are making thing worse for them as there are only a few games left in the regular season and no team want to experiment new things in their roaster in playoff games.

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