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“They don’t give a sh*t, have started quitting” Stephen A. Smith accuses the Lakers to have left all hopes of making the play-in tournament

Read and know more about Stephen A. Smith's take on the downfall of Los Angele Lakers and their journey to post-season.

Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is the most straightforward and brutally honest analyst the television has seen and he has proved it many times as he isn’t afraid of anyone when he says what he wants to. Recently, he made it to the headlines as he fired a shot towards the LeBron James-led Los Angeles Lakers who are currently out of the post-season picture. Stephen A. Smith was riding the Los Angeles Lakers’ bus until the last month as he was one of the few analysts around who believed the team can make it to the playoffs. As they are capable enough to win in the play-in tournament. But lately after spectating the team and their efforts Stephen A. Smith is a changed man with a changed take.


The Los Angeles Lakers have proved how consistently inconsistent they are when it comes to winning games and improving their record to at least make it to the play-in tournament so their hopes of making it to the playoffs at least stay alive. Currently, under the leadership of LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers are ranked as the eleventh seed in the western conference with the record of 31 wins and 47 losses at .397. Many betting sites even predict that they won’t make it to the play-in tournament and so does many analysts.

LeBron James

Stephen A. Smith sitting alongside the NBA countdown crew discussed the downfall of the Los Angeles Lakers season and how could that have been avoided and what’s next for the team. As every time he came up with strong and bold facts while blaming the person he wants to blame.

Los Angeles Lakers’ veterans

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Stephen A. Smith on Los Angeles Lakers

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith started his rally by pointing a finger at Los Angeles Lakers’ Head Coach Frank Vogel. He also blamed the general manager Rob Pelinka and the front office for the roster they have built and the place now they are stuck at. After criticizing the coach he also added that he thinks Frank Vogel would be gone at the end of this season. He further quoted: “The Lakers should have got rid of him before the All-Star break. Because you needed to have somebody who was capable of getting into players’ faces and holding them accountable. I don’t know if anybody has noticed this but the Los Angeles Lakers have spent the last couple of weeks looking like they have quit. They look like they don’t give a damn.”

Adding to it the NBA countdown crew gave their opinions many blamed the players and many sticked with criticizing the coaching staff. Stephen A. Smith is nowhere wrong in his whole take. As there have been continued mistakes by the coaching staff because the regular season is to end with the approaching playoffs and still the team is unaware of who should be on the court at what time. The Lakers are already out of the post-season and it is very necessary for them to win all of their remaining matches while San Antonio Spurs adds some to their losing record or else the season for them will end soon with dreams of a veteran roster wanting to win a championship.

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