“We love you sir, but you have to show Bron a little bit of love” Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kareem Abdul Jabbar for criticizing LeBron James

“We love you sir, but you have to show Bron a little bit of love” Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kareem Abdul Jabbar for criticizing LeBron James

LeBron James, Stephen A.Smith and Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has criticized LeBron James when the Los Angeles Lakers were going to play the Denver Nuggets, and out of many Stephen A. Smith was not agreeing with the Hall of Famer. Stephen A. Smith has as respectfully as he could put it criticized Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the First take with Magic Johnson.


The Los Angeles Lakers before their beating by the Denver Nuggets with a score of 129-118, the Los Angeles Lakers Legend and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar has fired shots at LeBron James, criticizing him for his actions in the past and labelling them as, “Beneath him”, and “embarrassing”. This is not the first time that Kareem Abdul Jabbar has criticized him, but this time it was different, as many don’t agree with the 6X NBA champion.

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s criticisms on LeBron James

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, LeBron James and Stephen A.. Smith

Stephen A. Smith along with Magic Johnson in the ‘First take’ put forward his thought about everything, and in doing so he showed the utmost respect for Kareem Abdul Jabbar, regarding all that he has done for the sport, but he needs to show a little bit of love to LeBron James, “Our deference and respect for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar knows no limits. Having said all of that does not mean that we can’t respectfully disagree with him. And it does not mean that we cannot shine a light on the phenomenal icon that we hope stays here for a while.”, Stephen A. Smith, also added, “Here’s what I would say to Kareem-Abdul Jabbar really quickly, ‘We love you sir, but you need to show LeBron James a little bit more love.”

Stephen A. Smith went ahead to praise LeBron James for his talks on social media and the fearlessness the King showcased, regarding such sensitive issues. LeBron James has a family foundation and uses it to help address them, “You cannot question this man’s character. You cannot question where this man’s heart lies. You cannot question the courage that LeBron James has been willing to put forth to speak on behalf of people who cannot speak for themselves.” Said Stephen A. Smith.


LeBron James has not only been recognized for his game but also for what he does outside the court. He has stood as a public figure, giving voice to the voiceless, he has given to his hometown more than his hometown could give, and for a legend such as Kareem Abdul Jabbar to go and criticize him was sure had been difficult.

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