What did Michael Jordan do to the dog? Explaining the viral TikTok meme

Explaining the mystery of "What Did Michael Jordan Do to the Dog?"

What did Michael Jordan do to the dog? Explaining the viral TikTok meme

Michael Jordan (image via USA TODAY / REUTERS)

In the world of social media trends, it is usual for seemingly random and odd things to capture the attention of the online community. One such trend that recently gained attention on TikTok revolves around the question, “What did Michael Jordan do to the dog?”

Despite its transparency, this strange question managed to captivate users’ curiosity and sparked a wave of speculation and misinformation.

What did Michael Jordan do to the dog?

Opposite to what the question might imply, there is no actual incident involving Michael Jordan and a dog. The origin of this trend can be traced back to a single point-of-view (POV) video shared by a relatively unknown TikTok user on November 15th, 2022. This video, despite having a moderate following of only 1,000 users, garnered an unbelievable 2 million views over time. However, it provided no explanation or context for the question it posed.

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Explanation about why it was trending

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Michael Jordan (image via Getty Images)

There are many factors at play in the TikTok trend’s quick rise in popularity. First of all, TikTok is renowned for its capacity to turn unimportant and absurd ideas into viral events. The platform’s users frequently collaborate in an effort to copy and reinterpret popular trends, leading to the rapid spread of videos related to the “What did Michael Jordan do to the dog?”

Secondly, the presence of skilled individuals proficient in video editing and graphic design has contributed to the spread of fake videos and fabricated stories surrounding the supposed interaction between Michael Jordan and a dog. These videos depict MJ being mauled by a dog or rumors circulating about his dog, Spinee, recovering from surgery. While these creations are not based on reality, they add fuel to the trend and amplify its reach.

The “What did Michael Jordan do to the dog?” trend is growing despite the lack of a convincing explanation or factual basis because of how ridiculous it is and because the online community enjoys taking part in viral challenges. Users actively seek information due to uncertainty and frequently use search engines like Google to do so. However, they are disappointed to learn that Michael Jordan did nothing to a dog.

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