“Willing to change NBA to WWE”: Fans react as Wizards assistant coach Mike Batiste wants to fight Heat’s home crowd

Twitter reacts to Mike Batiste wanting to square up with a trash-talking fan.

Mike Batiste
Mike Batiste

The fans at the National Basketball Association games haven’t been that polite since the last two seasons especially. As multiple cases of verbal and physical altercations with fans have occurred in the last two years where names like LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Julius Randle, Trae Young and many more have been involved. Recently, a wild interaction involving fans again occurred amid the Washington Wizards and Miami Heat game but it wasn’t a star at the other end as the fans near the bench decided to get into Wizards’ assistant coach Mike’s ear.

In the blowout loss of Washington Wizards against the Miami Heat at FTX Arena, Mike Batiste (former basketball player turned into assistant coach at Wizards) almost recreated the Malice At The Palace-like scene. As he jumped a row and almost made physical contact with the fan who was chirping out trash at the end of the game. But was fortunately stopped by the bench members of Wizards or he would have created a blood bath right there as the team isn’t doing well and is struggling.

Mike Batiste
Mike Batistev

Currently, the Washington Wizards are ranked as the 11th seed in the eastern conference of the league with the record of 26 wins and 30 losses at .464. The stress with the coaching staff can also be a reason for Batiste wanting to square up with the trash talker. As in the post-game, the story behind his aggression was revealed by Wizards head coach Wes Unseld Jr. as he quoted: “Obviously, we have to take the high road and just can’t indulge in that. But, I think it was a situation where something was said that was a bit over the line and I think it got the best of one of our coaches. But, either way, you have to take the high road.”

Wizards' assistant coach Mike Batiste
Wizards’ assistant coach Mike Batiste

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Twitter reacts to Mike Batiste wanting to square up with a trash-talking fan

Mike Batiste
Mike Batiste

No matter what the name and era of Basketball it is. The fans have always loved watching such altercations as they enjoy more of drama and physical basketball. Batiste is been criticized a lot by fans and also appreciated and praised for raising his voice and even hands for the team. The league also suspended Batiste for two games for trying to confront a fan. But still no action is taken regarding the fan who started it all.

Twitter has thousands of reactions to offer for the viral clip where Mike is seen rushing straight into the seats. Fans are posting their mixed reactions to it as many feel it right and many criticize the coach for crossing his line. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on Twitter here below:

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