“You can very well call him Kevin Durant” Stephen A. Smith claims Ja Morant is mirroring the career of two-times NBA Finals MVP

“You can very well call him Kevin Durant” Stephen A. Smith claims Ja Morant is mirroring the career of two-times NBA Finals MVP

JA Morant and Stephen A. Smith

Ja Morant is just playing his third year in the NBA and yet his achievements are getting compared to the legends. In this season fans are experiencing the flames of the new rising basketball stars. Morant is averaging 27.6 PPG, 6.6 APG, and 5.9 RPG so far and has even become the first player in Grizzlies’ franchise history to have a 50-point performance, which he scored against the SA Spurs.

After these stats, everyone is comparing him to one or other legends while following the trend ESPN’s morning show First Take, sports media personality, Stephen A. Smith has also given his opinion on whose career does Morant mirrors. According to him, former ROTY has the same stats as Kevin Durant who stands at 6’9.

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Stephen A. Smith thinks Ja Morant is having the same stats as Kevin Durant has during his initial days in NBA

Stephen A. Smith on MVP case between Ja Morant and Kevin Durant
Stephen A. Smith compares Ja Morant and Kevin Durant

Smith’s comparison is totally on the basis of the statistical output, as both athletes are physically different. He also compared them on the basis of their draft picks as they both were 2nd pick in their respective drafts

He said, “You know who you can call Ja Morant right now, ladies and gentlemen? You can call him Kevin Durant. Why would I bring up Kevin Durant? Like Kevin Durant, Ja Morant was the No. 2 overall pick. Like Kevin Durant, he’s going to be the guy that we’re talking about.

Further, Smith added, “Greg Oden went down obviously, with his knee injuries, you know, and that just negated his career. He was the No. 1 overall pick; Kevin Durant was No. 2. Well Zion Williamson, the No. 1 overall pick. Who’s 2? Ja Morant… We know how great Zion Williamson is when he’s on the court, but he hasn’t been on the court, Ja Morant has. 

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Ja Morant
Ja Morant

Smith ended his statement by adding, “As the No. 2 overall pick who had a No. 1 overall pick that was perpetually injured, Ja Morant and Kevin Durant’s careers are actually mirroring one another to this point in Ja Morant’s career because of where they were drafted, who was drafted ahead of them and what they’re doing on the court. And that’s why I said, when I think of Ja Morant, I also think of Kevin Durant.”

Due to JA Morant’s effort and leadership, the Grizzlies are performing exceptionally, they are currently the third most successful team this team with a record of 43-20. He truly has the potential of becoming the new face of the NBA. His entry into Grizzlies has increased their hope to win the NBA championship. Let us see how the season will end for Morant and his team.

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