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“You didn’t have to do my team so dirty” Lonzo Ball shoves younger brother LaMelo Ball for cooking the Bulls with game-high performance

Read and know more about Lonzo Ball shoving his younger brother LaMelo Ball after the Hornets defeat the Bulls.

LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball

LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball are so far the best brother duo in the league. As they are media favorites and even fans love to watch them too. Currently, they are playing for two different teams LaMelo Ball for the Charlotte Hornets and Lonzo Ball for the Chicago Bulls. But there’s a fair chance of Lavar Ball linking things up and getting his boys together to hoop for a same team in the league. As of now, the Ball brothers have made it to the headlines for a wholesome moment between them where one destroyed the others’ team.

Recently, the Chicago Bulls hosted the Charlotte Hornets at United Center. The game was unexpectedly not at all closely contested and head to head except for the third quarter. As the Bulls had no answer for the LaMelo Ball-led offensive end of Hornets which eventually got them the dub. The final box score stands at 117-133 favoring the Charlotte Hornets. Currently, the Bulls have got themselves a playoff spot as the sixth seed with the record of 45 wins and 36 losses at .556. While the Charlotte Hornets are ranked as the tenth seed in the eastern conference as a part of the play-in tournament with the record of 42 wins and 39 losses at .519 tied with the Trae Young led Atlanta Hawks (ninth seed).

LaMelo Ball

In the game, LaMelo had the best performance among the players involved in the game. As he dropped 24 points, 9 assists, and 5 rebounds while getting himself some highlight-worthy moments on the defensive end. His elder brother Lonzo Ball was unfortunately not part of the game as he is in rehabilitation after his lower-body injuries and surgeries. But he was present on the bench witnessing his younger brother destroy his team in his absence.

Lonzo Ball

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Lonzo Ball shoves his younger brother LaMelo Ball after the Hornets defeat the Bulls

Ball Brothers

After the game ended LaMelo Ball was seen meeting and greeting some celebrities present courtside in the Arena. So was his elder brother Lonzo who had some secret words with him and then heading back to the locker room with the team and staff shoved him away. Probably because he added an L to the Chicago Bulls record. The video clip of that exchange stands viral on the internet.

There are thousands of reactions to offer for the viral clip of the brotherly love between the Ball Brothers. Fans reacting to it are appreciating and praising both the young stars as they believe one day they can run the league and they really have the potential to. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on social media platforms here below:

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