“You’ve lost all my respect” NBA Fans outraged after LeBron James purposely takes out frustration on ROTY candidate Scottie Barnes

Here's how the NBA Twitter exploded on LeBron James for aggressively hitting the ball hard on Scotties Barnes.

LeBron James hits the ball hard on Scottie Barnes
LeBron James hits the ball hard on Scottie Barnes

After LeBron James’ disastrous season with the Lakers, it seems that he has finally reached his limit and now he can’t control himself from showing his frustration in the games. In the recent showdown between the Lakers and the Raptors, LeBron was furious as he was yelling at his own teammates for not receiving rebounds numerous times, in the heat of the game he also hit the Raptors rookie Scottie Barnes really hard while saving the ball going out of bounds.

During the game, it was clear, that LeBron James’ frustration has started popping up in the games as he is seriously unhappy about the Lakers’ inadequate performance in this season. The video clips of LBJ getting exploded at teammates are getting viral and his unnecessary action on the Raptors rookie is getting highly criticized by the fans.

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LeBron James throws the ball hard at Scottie Barnes while trying to save it from going out of bounds

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LeBron James

In the clips it can be seen that both James and Barnes were hustling to get possession of the ball when it got rebounded from the rim. The ball then started to move out of the bounds and was chased by both the players but when LeBron caught the ball in the air, he furiously threw it on the Raptors forward who was lying on the bound line.

No foul was called on the play, and the Lakers got possession of the ball. After the incident fans have claimed that if LeBron was trying to save the ball, he could have thrown the ball anywhere else but he purposely hit the ball on the ROTY candidate to take out his frustration.

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Raptors’ Scottie Barnes on LeBron James throwing ball at him

Scottie Barnes on LeBron James
Scottie Barnes on LeBron James

During the postgame, LeBron refused to speak to the media as he didn’t want the media to catch any incendiary statement by him in his frustration. But Scottie Barnes discussed the situation later in the interview he said, “I was on the floor. I just saw him loading up and I thought, oh man.”

Scotties Barnes continued, “So, I just tried to cover myself so it didn’t hit me in the face because he put a lot of power into it. Cocked it back, threw it. Damn. I wasn’t really worried about it after, it was just in the heat of the moment.

Although LeBron James played a good game against the Raptors by scoring 30 points but that was not enough to bring the victory and lost the game by 103-114. The lost might have been excused by the fans but his furious action has surely made the fans to go against him.

Here’s how the NBA twitter exploded on LeBron James for aggressively hitting the ball hard on Scotties Barnes

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