Free Fire New Ranked Season 20: All you need to know

Free Fire New Ranked Season 20: All you need to know

Free Fire is a popular battle royal game in the gaming industry. Every alternate month, the game launches a new ranked season. The rank Season 19 has officially come to an end and now players have to start from the dust again to reach the top. Players will have to battle it out amongst each other and survive till the end to save their ranks. The ranks of the players have been reset and the new season has commenced. Take a look at the reset ranks and the season-end rewards for the Free Fire New Ranked Season 20.

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Free Fire Ranked Season 20 details

The new Ranked Season officially commenced on 26th February 2021. Players are really excited and looking forward to push their ranks. However, the road to the the top is not a cake’s walk. It requires players to pass through various rank tiers to reach the ultimate tier, Heroic. Players must possess the determination and the skills to battle it out. Take a look at the various rank tiers.

1000-1300Bronze (I-III)
1301-1600Silver (I- III)
1601-2100Gold (I-IV)
2101-2600Platinum (I-IV)
2601-3200Diamond (I-IV)

The struggle is real but players can claim exciting season rank rewards. Every tier has provides a unique banner along with some rank tokens. Also on reaching Gold III, players can acquire a free AK gun skin as well. With the commencement of the new rank season, players are really forward to this. The season ends on 4th April 2021. This was all about the new rank season 20 in Free Fire.

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