The NFL’s Achilles’ Heel: Unveiling each NFC team’s critical weakness

Uncover the critical weaknesses of each NFC team in the NFL for the 2023 season, highlighting their challenges and paths to improvement.

The NFL’s Achilles’ Heel: Unveiling each NFC team’s critical weakness

Still from an NFL game (Image Credits: Unsplash)

The National Football League (NFL) is a competitive battlefield where teams’ fortunes can turn on a dime, often dictated by their ability to manage, mitigate, or overcome their inherent weaknesses. As we delve into the National Football Conference (NFC), it becomes evident that even the mightiest of teams have their Achilles’ heel, a vulnerability that opponents can exploit. Here, we explore the critical weaknesses of each NFC team as they navigate the challenges of the 2023 NFL season.


San Francisco 49ers: Interior defensive line depth

The 49ers’ interior defensive line has shown cracks, struggling significantly last season. This weakness was particularly exposed during the 2023 NFC title game against the Eagles, where their inability to halt the run game became glaringly apparent. Despite hopes that newcomer Javon Hargrave would bolster the line, the depth behind him remains a concern​​.

Detroit Lions: Jared Goff under pressure

Jared Goff‘s performance under pressure has been a point of contention. His proficiency within the system is undeniable, yet his ability to operate autonomously when faced with defensive pressure raises questions. Goff’s performance significantly dips under such circumstances, highlighting a need for improvement in this area​​.

Jared Goff
Jared Goff (Via Imago)

Green Bay Packers: The weight of expectations

Jordan Love‘s challenge is not one of skill but of circumstance. Following in the footsteps of legendary predecessors, the expectations placed upon him are monumental. This immense pressure to perform at a Hall of Fame level from the outset of his career could be considered his most formidable opponent​​.


Los Angeles Rams: Matthew Stafford’s durability

Matthew Stafford‘s resilience has been one of his defining traits. However, at 36, the toll of his NFL tenure raises concerns about his ability to remain consistently available throughout the season. The Rams’ success hinges on his health, making his durability a critical factor to watch​​.

Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly brews conspiracy theories of 'NFL scripts' following controversial ending to Cowboys-Lions game
Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (Image via IMAGO)

Minnesota Vikings: Secondary woes

The Vikings’ pass defense, allowing the second-most passing yards per game last year, remains a significant vulnerability. Despite efforts to revamp the secondary, its inexperience and reliance on young talent could lead to continued struggles against aerial attacks​​.

New Orleans Saints: Inconsistent passing game

Post-Drew Brees, the Saints have grappled with instability at the quarterback position. The arrival of Derek Carr offers hope, yet his track record suggests that elevating the team’s passing game to its former glory remains a considerable challenge​​.

Derek Carr (Via Imago)

New York Giants: Run defense

The Giants have demonstrated prowess in their running game, but their ability to defend against the run has been less impressive. Strengthening their run defense is essential for them to become a more balanced and formidable team​​.


Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts’ ball security

While Jalen Hurts has shown elite quarterback capabilities, his tendency to fumble, particularly in crucial moments like the Super Bowl, highlights an area for improvement. Reducing handling errors could elevate his game further​​.

Jalen Hurts-
Jalen Hurts (Via Imago)

Seattle Seahawks: Geno Smith’s risky plays

Geno Smith‘s remarkable season was tarnished by a high number of turnover-worthy plays. Despite a commendable number of big-time throws, his propensity for risky plays has been a double-edged sword, necessitating a more cautious approach to maintain his starting role​​.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Baker Mayfield’s inaccuracy

Baker Mayfield’s transition from a highly accurate college passer to struggling with routine throws in the NFL has been puzzling. His challenge lies in improving his accuracy to capitalize on his undeniable talent​​.

Buccaneers-Eagles wildcard game in Tampa Bay set to be played under 'heavy rain and thunderstorms'
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield (Image via IMAGO)

Washington Commanders: Sam Howell’s sack vulnerability

Sam Howell, stepping into the spotlight for the Commanders, carries with him a propensity for taking sacks, a weakness observed during his college tenure. Addressing this issue is crucial for his development and success at the professional level​​.


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As the 2023 NFL season unfolds, the NFC teams’ ability to address these critical weaknesses will be paramount in their quest for supremacy. Whether it’s bolstering a defensive line, managing quarterback pressures, or enhancing ball security, the path to the Super Bowl is fraught with challenges that demand attention, strategy, and, above all, resilience.

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