Cincinnati Bengals Schedule NFL 2023

Here's the Cincinnati Bengals season schedule for NFL 2023 with all the most anticipated fixtures coming up in the new season.

Cincinnati Bengals Schedule NFL 2023

The NFL's Cincinnati Bengals (via Imago)

The much-anticipated NFL season is just around the corner, and fans of the Cincinnati Bengals are gearing up for an exciting ride as their favorite team takes to the field. Ever since the signing of Joe Burrow, the Bengals have found reignited form in the NFL. As the new season draws close, the Cincinnati Bengals have their NFL schedule all mapped out.


With a mix of intense rivalries and highly anticipated matchups, the new season promises to deliver a roller-coaster of emotions for both players and fans alike. Today, let’s take a comprehensive look at the Cincinnati Bengals season schedule for NFL 2023.

Cincinnati Bengals Schedule 2023 and Opponents

The Cincinnati Bengals are set to face a diverse range of opponents in the upcoming 2023 NFL season. As they look to set the tone early in the season for a successful playoff campaign, they will have to maintain stellar form throughout the regular season. 

From the Los Angeles Rams to the Cleveland Browns, the new season will surely be action-packed. Here’s the complete season schedule for the Cincinnati Bengals in NFL 2023.

Week 1Sep 10Cleveland Browns1:00 p.m
Week 2Sep 17Baltimore Ravens1:00 p.m
Week 3Sep 25Los Angeles Rams8:15 p.m
Week 4Oct 1Tennessee Titans1:00 p.m
Week 5Oct 8Arizona Cardinals4:05 p.m
Week 6Oct 15Seattle Seahawks1:00 p.m
Week 7BYE
Week 8Oct 29San Francisco 49ers4:25 p.m
Week 9Nov 5Buffalo Bills8:20 p.m
Week 10Nov 12Houston Texans1:00 p.m
Week 11Nov 16Baltimore Ravens8:15 p.m
Week 12Nov 26Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 p.m
Week 13Dec 4Jacksonville Jaguars8:15 p.m
Week 14Dec 10Indianapolis Colts1:00 p.m
Week 15Dec 16/17Minnesota VikingsTBD
Week 16Dec 23Pittsburgh Steelers4:30 PM
Week 17Dec 31Kansas City Chiefs4:25 PM
Week 18Jan 7Cleveland BrownsTBD

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When will the Cincinnati Bengals play their first game of the season? 

The wait is almost over for Bengals fans, as the team is poised to kick off their season in a showdown against the Cleveland Browns on September 10. The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly anticipate the first glimpse of their team in action. 

Cincinnati Bengals off-season workout
Bengals’ off-season workout (via Imago)

This opening game will set the tone for the Bengals’ journey in the 2023 season, offering a glimpse of their strengths and strategies. The away fixture will take place at the FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns.

When will the Cincinnati Bengals play their last game of the season?

The Cincinnati Bengals are scheduled to wrap up their 2023 regular season campaign in a face-off against the Cleveland Browns on January 7. This final game can prove to be a critical moment for the team.

Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow
Bengals QB Joe Burrow on the sidelines (via Imago)

Whether they will strive to end the season on a high note and potentially secure their spot in the playoffs, will unfold in the coming fixtures. Nevertheless, Zac Taylor’s men will be looking to seal the regular season with a win. This game can hold the promise of a thrilling conclusion to the regular season.

Most anticipated Cincinnati Bengals games of the season 

The Bengals’ schedule for the 2023 season has some highly anticipated games that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Among these matchups, several stand out as must-watch events that will capture the attention of football enthusiasts.

The clash between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers is a showdown that fans eagerly await each year. An intense competition and a history of dramatic encounters between these two teams make this matchup a season highlight. The Cincinnati Bengals will face the Steelers on November 24 and December 23.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow suffers an injury during the training camp (via Imago)

A divisional rivalry that consistently delivers exciting matchups, the games between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens are heated. The strategic duels between these teams’ quarterbacks and the intense defensive plays often characterize these contests. With both teams aiming to assert their dominance in the division, these games take on added significance in the race for the playoffs. The two sides will clash on two occasions, September 17 and November 16, respectively. 


The Bengals will try to redeem themselves in their game against the Los Angeles Rams. The anticipation of vengeance for a Super Bowl loss two seasons prior, adds an extra layer of intensity to this matchup. The team’s dedication and preparation will be on full display as they seek to turn the tables and emerge victorious in this highly awaited showdown on September 25.

The 2023 season promises a thrilling array of matchups to keep fans glued to their screens. From their first game to their last, the Bengals are looking ahead to a soaring start in the upcoming season. 


Q. How many Super Bowls have the Cincinnati Bengals won?

The Cincinnati Bengals have won Five Super Bowl titles in their franchise history. 

Q. Who is the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals? 

Zac Taylor is the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Q. Who is the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback?  

Joe Burrow plays Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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