“Green Bay is desperate!” Colin Cowherd claims the Packers NEED to trade for DK Metcalf in 2022

DK Metcalf
DK Metcalf

The Green Bay Packers opted to move on from Davante Adams as they traded him to the Las Vegas Raiders recently. That leaves Aaron Rodgers with virtually no weapons for 2022. Colin Cowherd believes DK Metcalf could be a pivotal piece that allows Green Bay to remain competitive in 2022.

Aside from Davante Adams heading west, the Packers also lost Marquez Valdes-Scantling to Kansas City. That leaves them with Allen Lazard and an aging Randall Cobb as their best receivers as of now. They seriously need to bring in talent. They do have 11 draft picks as of now and this draft should be deep when it comes to receivers. But, is that enough?

DK Metcalf - Seattle Seahawks
DK Metcalf – Seattle Seahawks

This is where the DK Metcalf narrative comes in. Metcalf finished the 2021 season with 75 receptions for 967 yards and 12 touchdowns. His receptions and yards mark are down from 2020 but that partly has to do with the fact that Russell Wilson missed a few games and probably rushed his return from injury. DK Metcalf truly is a #1 receiver in the NFL and could be a massive player in Green Bay.

Colin Cowherd took all this into consideration and gave his take on the situation.

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Colin Cowherd believes it’s crucial for the Packers to go after DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf
DK Metcalf

In a segment of his show, ‘The Herd’, Colin Cowherd was quoted saying “The Jets apparently called the Seahawks about DK Metcalf and the Seahawks said they’re not interested. I think Seattle would have to consider taking a 1st and 4th round pick for DK Metcalf. I also think Green Bay is desperate.”

Cowherd further added “You can draft a wide receiver but good luck with Aaron Rodgers and a rookie wide receiver. Aaron’s very precise and demanding. DK Metcalf comes in and he gives them a #1 receiver. I don’t think he’s one of the strongest but he is a #1 and they don’t have one. Then, Amari Rodgers and Randall Cobb can be your slot guys or you can draft some people but if you’re depending on a rookie to come in and get 90 catches with Aaron Rodgers, it’s not gonna happen.”

DK Metcalf
DK Metcalf

Cowherd also added “They’ll have to figure out a way to get the DK Metcalf contract in. It won’t be easy but you cannot, in 2022, you cannot compete with the Rams, Bucs, Chiefs, or the Bills because they don’t have weapons.”

About how this would affect the Seahawks, Cowherd said “What it(trading Metcalf) basically says is that you are literally starting from the ground floor. Seattle is saying we are a top 5 draft team next year and wanna get our next quarterback. It’s a tough decision, give me a 1st and something else and you have to take the call. IF it’s just a 1st, I’m not sure.”

The Packers certainly need receiving help for 2022 but Pete Carroll is not someone who wants to sit back and rebuild. If he trades DK Metcalf, that’s exactly what Seattle will be doing. So, while it would be interesting to see Green Bay get the young star, it’s hard to imagine it happening.

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