Derek Carr reveals Aaron Rodgers pre-game motivation for Raiders’ 35-32 victory against Chargers

Aaron Rodgers apparently had an impact on Derek Carr, as he led his side to the playoffs eliminating the Chargers in the final regular season match.

Aaron Rodgers on Derek Carr

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders’ quarterback led his side to a 35-32 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers to see them into the playoffs this season. A match that had everything on the line for both sides, went right down to the wire as the Raiders won it in the final seconds of the match.

And such is the impact of Aaron Rodgers, he apparently had an impact on the performance of the quarterback. Carr revealed he had taken motivation from the veteran Green Bay Packers’ quarterback to see his side off to the victory and not settle for a tie, which would also have taken his side into the playoffs.

Derek Carr appreciated Rodgers for all of his help

Derek Carr made it clear that they were always looking to win the fixture, and not just tie it so that both the Raiders and Chargers qualified.

He also let in on a secret, that he and Rodgers were texting before the match and have become very good friends since Carr made the move to the NFL. Carr gave a shoutout to his idol-cum friend, appreciating him for all the help he has extended to him.

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Aaron Rodgers

“We knew no matter what we didn’t want to tie. We wanted to win the football game,” Carr said speaking after the victory. “My mindset all day, I was even texting with Aaron Rodgers this morning, my mindset was to make sure we were the only team moving on after this.

“Aaron’s always been good to me since I came into the league. We became friends, so we talk. Aaron, I appreciate your encouragement today.”

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