“Did they” – Fans reacts after another prediction from Simpsons about Tom Brady turns out to be true

Tom Brady's clothing brand brought out one of the most thought out hoodies of all time, which was worn by the quarterback long back in 2005.

The similarity between one of the best players in the NFL circuit, Tom Brady and one of the most adored American cartoon shows, The Simpsons is eerily beautiful. Brady at 44 years continues to be as strong as ever, while the TV Show just recently entered into its 33rd season to etch its name onto the history books.

Funnily enough, Tom Brady also once appeared on the show, way back in 2005 and it seemed to have left a deep impression on the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

Tom Brady’s clothing brand produced the same outfit from the 2005 Simpsons episode to be sold

A snap from the Simpsons Episode showing Tom Brady in the hoodie
A snap from the Simpsons Episode showing Brady in the blue hoodie

The 44-year old, who recently broke new ground outside his footballing career in the fact that he launched his own clothing brand, has made rapid progress in the diversity of its products in an initial couple of days.

Brady’s brand has launched a blue colour hoody, with his name on it and it has emerged that it was almost similar to the one which his character wore during the Season 16 episode aired on the Simpsons show in 2005. Fans who have a keen eye for detail have been very quick to identify the similarities between the two hoodies, with the original one being sold for $95.

The talked about Simpsons episode aired directly after Super Bowl XXXIX on Fox in 2005, and also featured a host of sporting personalities, alongside Brady in the form of NBA superstars LeBron James and Yao Ming, figure skater Michelle Kwan and NFL defensive juggernaut Warren Sapp.

The jersey being sold
The jersey being sold

All of them were made to wear hoodies with their names printed on top, with Brady’s one being in blue, and the star quarterback has surely made it count to get hold of the imagination of his fans, who remain keenly attached with him in his new venture off the field of play.

Twitter Reacts to Brady’s Blue Hoodie from the aired episode in 2005

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