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“Greatest moment of his career”: Tom Brady’s greatest career moment did not occur at Super Bowl, it rather happened on Golf course

Forget the 7 Super Bowls, this is where Tom Brady peaked

Tom Brady

The majority of sports networks made a huge blunder when they reported that the 7x Super Bowl Champion, Tom Brady, has announced his retirement from football. Contrary to reports, Brady is yet to retire clarified his father, Tom Brady Sr.

If Brady has decided to hang up his jersey for good, the Bucs QB might take up professional golf. The 44-year old QB has some experience playing golf and he’s pretty good at it.

Tom Brady sunk the most amazing putt in a charity golf match

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has experience playing pro golf when he played in “The Match 2: Champions for Charity”. Brady was paired with Phil Mickelson to face Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Unfortunately, Brady and Mickelson lost. The four of them raised over $20 million for COVID-19 relief.

The highlight of the matchup was the Buccaneers QB sunk an incredible birdie on the No.7 hole. “Mom and Dad, I love you very much,” Brady said after hitting the shot in a mock acceptance speech. “My wife, my kids, I love you.” Many of Brady’s NFL colleagues commented that this might be the best moment in the 7x Super Bowl Champs’ career.

Brady again appeared on the fourth iteration of “The Match” paired with Phil Mickelson to face Aaron Rodgers and 2020 U.S. Open champ Bryson DeChambeau. Sadly, Brady lost for the second time in the charity golf game. Even in defeat, Brady couldn’t help but diss Rodgers. “Hope you’re not ready for football season like this,” he teased Rodgers.

Tom Brady said that he himself will announce his retirement. He’s just waiting for the right moment so that he doesn’t steal the stoplight from the Super Bowl. Looks like Brady already has golf picked out as his retirement plan. There’s no doubt that Brady will excel at golf too!

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