“It’s Bruce Arians or ME” – Shannon Sharpe believes Tom Brady gave the Buccaneers an ultimatum and forced their hand

Shannon Sharpe believes Bruce Arians suddenly wanting to be the Senior Consultant for the team out of the blue smells funny and it was Tom Brady who wanted a regime change and forced the organization to remove Arians as the head coach

Shannon Sharpe, Tom Brady, Bruce Arians
Shannon Sharpe, Tom Brady, Bruce Arians

This offseason has seen some of the craziest drama ever in NFL history. The latest news that took the league by storm was that of Bruce Arians, head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers retiring.

Earlier, the Bucs suffered a massive blow when Tom Brady announced his retirement from football after 22 legendary seasons. Now that he’s back, Arians has decided to let go of his coaching responsibilities.

“Tom Brady had 99% to do with Bruce Arians stepping down” – Shannon Sharpe on BA’s retirement

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians
Tom Brady and Bruce Arians

Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed expressed his contempt for Brady forcing Bruce Arians out of the head coach position. “Tom Brady had 99% to do with Bruce Arians stepping down,” Shannon said when asked if he thought Brady was responsible for this act. “Brady told BA: you’re stepping down today, we’re going to have a press conference tomorrow and you’ll say all the right things. I believe Tom Brady told management: ‘It’s BA or me.'”

Shannon pointed out that Bruce Arians was looking forward to the draft and all the new possibilities that came with it going forward into the season. There were no indications of Arians stepping down. Now, he’s been “promoted” to the Senior Consultant position within the organization. “This notion that Tom Brady doesn’t have an ego and just wants to be one of the guys has never been true,” Shannon added.

Tom Brady26 2 - FirstSportz
Tom Brady

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Earlier when Brady was with the Patriots, he tried to force Bill Belichick out. There were rumors of an apparent power struggle between the head coach and QB which Brady ultimately lost. Brady wanted Bill O’Brien to replace Belichick. What he couldn’t accomplish in New England, he did it in Tampa Bay. The 44-year old QB, who had some issues with Arians’ game management style has managed to get him thrown out.

“I believe all of Tom Brady is on this move and no one can convince me otherwise,” Shannon concluded. Now that Arians has been forced out, Todd Bowles, defensive coordinator for the Bucs, has been appointed as the new head coach. It’ll be a whole new era in Tampa Bay for the 2022 season. Let’s hope this move by Brady doesn’t cost him a Super Bowl!

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