“I went through a lot of s**t!” Aaron Rodgers claims he is on the ‘right side of history’ over anti-vaccine sentiments during COVID-19 pandemic

Rodgers joined the Pat McAfee show on Tuesday for his weekly appearance.

“I went through a lot of s**t!” Aaron Rodgers claims he is on the ‘right side of history’ over anti-vaccine sentiments during COVID-19 pandemic

Aaron Rodgers at the Jets' week 4 game (Credits: Imago)

Aaron Rodgers has never been the one to shy away from anything. The New York Jets quarterback has been very open about his stance on several issues, including taking a vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was heavily criticized for refusing to take the vaccine during the pandemic. But now he believes he is on the right side of history when it comes to vaccines.

During his weekly appearance on ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers shared his thoughts about being bashed for his actions during the pandemic. He shared how he went through a lot of s**t for his opinion.

As I sit here today I feel like I’m definitely on the right side of history. I went through a lot of s**t for an opinion that was my personal belief and based on what was best for my body.
Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show

In addition, the veteran signal-caller also said he was glad that he took the anti-vaccine stance despite heavy backlash. Besides, he also advocated for more people to be open about their opinions.

In an era of censorship and quelling free speech, I’m glad I took the stand that I did, and welcoming more and more people to the side of freedom and free speech.

So, Rodgers has no regrets over his anti-vaccine stance and still continues to hold that opinion. He even once challenged the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to a debate about vaccines after Kelce started to appear in advertisements for Pfizer.

Currently, the Jets are in a chaotic situation as rumors started to spread about Zach Wilson being reluctant to play for the Jets again due to the risk of getting injured. Amidst this situation, Aaron Rodgers shared support for the young QB.

Aaron Rodgers injury Jets
Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson (Image via AP)

While Rodgers didn’t deny the rumors, he called out the person responsible for the leaks from the Jets side. Rodgers further called the rumors blatant character assassination and chicken s**t.

Nonetheless, the Jets still haven’t announced their starting QB for their week 14 game against the Houston Texans. They just decided to move on from Tim Boyle and replaced him with Brett Rypien. So, it seems like, the starting QB role would be given back to the former second-overall pick Zach Wilson.

Amidst this, Rodgers is continuing his aggressive rehab process. But, since the 4-8 Jets don’t have a lot of playoff hopes, they might not allow the 40-year-old QB to take the field this season.


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