“Veto-power over any trade destination,” Aaron Rodgers has absolute authority over MAJOR career decision due to strict ‘no trade’ policy

Aaron Rodgers holds complete authority over his future according to NFL insider Tom Pelissero.

“Veto-power over any trade destination,” Aaron Rodgers has absolute authority over MAJOR career decision due to strict ‘no trade’ policy

Aaron Rodgers (Image via Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers has finally ended his darkness retreat and has come out into the light with a new perspective and vision for life. The Packers QB spent four days in an underground hotel room devoid of natural light.


The room was located in Southern Oregon and reportedly it has given Rodgers a new perspective in the most tumultuous time of his life. The 39-year-old QB is on the verge to leave the Packers.

However, the decision still stays with Rodgers due to the lucrative deal that the Super Bowl-winning QB signed with the Packers. According to NFL insider Tom Pelissero, A-Rod holds complete authority over a trade decision if he decides to leave the Packers.

This is possible due to a strict ‘no trade’ policy that the Packers QB has inculcated in his massive contract. Therefore, the ball is in Rodgers’ court and he decides what move he makes next.


Pelissero recently state that Rodgers basically “Has veto power over any trade destination due to his contract and retirement threat,” if the Packers QB is not content with the trade that his team is offering then he can simply opt to retire instead of joining a team he’s not familiar with.

Rodgers’ future is uncertain now, with reports of interest from various teams, including the Raiders and the Jets. The coming weeks will be very important for the veteran QB.

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Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets may turn out to be an ideal fit

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers (Image via Forbes)

The New York Jets have been actively shopping in the QB market to find a replacement for the over-hyped Zach Wilson who performed terribly last season despite massive expectations levied on him.


The Jets have a great young squad that can easily challenge for the playoffs if there is a commanding figure in the center of their offense. Aaron Rodgers can provide that presence and with that, he can also offer years of playing experience that have made him one of the best QBs of this generation.

Rodgers can also provide massive mentorship to the young QB Zach Wilson, who is full of potential but can’t find a way to play well in any circumstances. However, the Jets will have to make a lucrative offer to sway the great Aaron Rodgers in their direction. Nonetheless, the process can be eased out if they sign the recently fired Nathaniel Hackett.

Hackett and Rodgers shared a great relationship when the former was the Packers’ offensive coordinator. His signing with the Jets can really help persuade Rodgers to move to New York.

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