“The biggest reason to retire was…”: Ali Marpet finally opens up about calling it quits at 28

Here's what Ali Marpet had to say about retiring at a relatively young age

Ali Marpet

Ali Marpet made a name for himself at the highest level. He achieved several accolades in his illustrious career and played a major role in Bucs’ Super Bowl title-winning season in 2020. However, he recently took everyone by surprise and announced his retirement at the age of 28.

This was indeed an astonishing decision as Ali was named to the Pro Bowl last season. All of a sudden, he had taken to Instagram to inform the world about his decision. There were reports that the main reason behind calling it quits was the hazard football was causing to his health.

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“I am going to live out what’s important to me”: Ali Marpet

Ali Marpet
Ali Marpet

While several people weren’t happy with Ali’s decision, many also came out in his support and asked everyone to respect his decision and his achievements. Recently, in an interaction with the Guardian, Mapet talked in detail about his decision to step away from the game.

The biggest reason for me was the physical toll: I didn’t want any more of that. There were some things I wanted to accomplish in my career that I had done,” Marpet said, adding that although his love for football never decreased, he decided to prioritize his health.

I loved playing football. But one of my strongest values is health and if I’m really going to live out what’s important to me it doesn’t make sense to keep playing. There are also the unknowns of the head trauma of the NFL and how that plays out. Plus, your joints, the aches and pains that come with surgeries and all that stuff,” he claimed.

Marpet went on to add that when he was young, football wasn’t something he was mad about and playing in the NFL seemed a far-fetched possibility at that time. “Football wasn’t a strong passion of mine. It wasn’t like I had this burning desire to get a scholarship and play Division I college football and in the NFL. That was never really on the table,” he stated.

Without a doubt, Ali enjoyed success at the highest level and in the end, his decision to step away at 28 should be respected.

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