“It’s his coaching style, I’m able to be myself and it’ll bring the best out of me”: Rams WR Allen Robinson considers Sean McVay to be the best coach he’s had

Los Angeles Rams wideout Allen Robinson speaks on his experience so far with coach Sean McVay and other team members

Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson is an all-star wideout who has been consistent and is immensely talented but his production has been overlooked and not utilized due to the struggles of his team. Now Robinson is in a unique position where he can just worry about focusing on his game and not about the rest of the team drama. In his ninth NFL season, Robinson will be playing for his third franchise and fourth head coach.

The Los Angeles Rams are just coming off a Super Bowl year, the team has now added Robinson as another weapon. This could in all likelihood be the best year that the wideout has had. He seems to already be fitting in well with the team and bonding with his new teammates and new coach, Sean McVay.

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“It’s been a top offense in the league for a reason”: Allen Robinson with high praise for Sean McVay

Allen Robinson
Allen Robinson has found his groove along with Sean McVay and the LA Rams

The star wideout shared his experiences of being a Ram so far, “Coach (Sean) McVay and the offense that he’s put together and offense that these guys run, it’s been a top offense in the league for a reason, I truly believe that it’ll bring the best out of me, and I’ll be able to display all the elements of my game,” Robinson said via the Rams official site.

A one-time Pro Bowler during his stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars, he was a key factor and showed immense promise while he was with the Bears in 2018. In his first season with the Bears, his team won the NFC North as Khalil Mack had a career year and played his best football. However, from the next season, it was downhill as he barely made the playoffs.

Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson are both in LA now, however, on different teams as Mack is on the Chargers. Following the 2018 NFL season, the wideout got better over the next two seasons but the same could not be said for his team as the team never got itself together as a unit.

Things are now very different as Robinson and Sean McVay have already developed a bond and identified the strengths and situations that are best suited for the WR. “He allows players to play. He corrects us and things like that, but it’s his ability to allow players to play, each and every day we go out there as we’re practicing and things like that, we’re able to make corrections and make adjustments based on things that guys are doing right or doing wrong. It’s his coaching style that truly allows players to play freely and then we just correct off of that,” Allen said in an interview with USA Today.

Allen Robinson
Allen Robinson

“So whenever I step onto the field, I’m able to be myself, and if I do mess up something or am wrong here, he’ll correct me and we’ll just keep it pushing. Every time I step on the field, I feel like I can be and play at my best self.”

The 28-year-old wideout had a bad season in 2021 in his campaign with the Bears in which he never got into his groove or built chemistry with QB Justin Fields. However, the Bears’ offense, in general, was bad last season.

Justin Fields is one of six QBs that Robinson has played five or more games with during his career. Nick Foles, Chase Daniel, Andy Dalton, Blake Bortles, and Mitchell Trubisky. Due to the lack of consistency at the QB position, Robinson has faced a lot of uncertainty but despite this, he has produced.

Now he is in a great place with Matthew Stafford as his QB and fellow elite receivers such as Cooper Kupp and OBJ. Robinson has all the supporting staff that he needs now, so we expect him to have another remarkable season this year.

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